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YuGiOh! The deck centers around summoning monsters by discarding them and is responsible for Machina Fortress, one of the most powerful boss monsters introduced to the game. After trouncing the Spellcaster deck though, I realised just how storng they are. April 25, 2017 . Decks. Copyright 2019 Fuel Themes. The deck works well at making gigantic boss monsters that are either high ranked Xyz or powerful Link monsters, usually boasting incredibly high ATK. Download and Share Yu-Gi-Oh! I hope you like it. Then if it was destroyed, it could Special Summon a Level 3 or lower Geargia monster from the grave. Bet its been a long, long time since you last laid eyes on this archetype! Overall though, I haven’t invested much in this deck and I don’t plan too, it’s just really strong anyway! Both Eater of Millions and Crimson Nova are massively vulnerable to spells and traps though, justifying my additions of 2 Cosmic Cyclones and 3 Mystical Space Typhoons/. But eventually, Konami added on to the deck, adding a number of fusion monsters, even a few main deck monsters. Burn: My burn deck was thrown together with random cards and personal strategies, but it actually works! This was mostly because of Geargia's smaller core of monsters that effectively kept the player’s hand full and with monsters on the field, while also helping them run traps for every situation. Using burn cards as a secondary win condition makes for a nice combo. This was a while ago so there are way better decks out there now. Unfortunately I don’t have deck lists for them all (honestly at least half are pretty terrible anyway) and all duels had both decks being controlled by myself. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: Best Warrior Decks In The Game. Superheavy Samurai have one of the most unique abilities in Yu-Gi-Oh. Kozmo Most Used Cards 215 $176.69 8. Please post a comment. Personally, using a wide variety of decks is the optimal way to enjoy Yugioh. Since the addition of Platinum Gadget into the Extra Deck - while Gold and Silver have joined Red, Yellow, and Green for the Main Deck - Gadgets are an unending resource generator that’s still decent even in this quicker era. The standard game flow constantly has you battling, earning Duelist Points (DP), spending DP for cards, upgrading your deck, then beating even stronger opponents with your improved deck. 18. Very good article. 1 Is a Fantasy Revenge Story That Treads Familiar Ground, Maniac of New York #1 Is a Bloody Good Time, Deep Beyond #1 Provides a Stunning, Verbose, Look at the Apocalypse, Naruto: 5 Villains Who Had A Point (& 5 That Were Wrong), DCEU: 10 Storylines From The Comics The Movies Need To Adapt, Naruto: 10 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming, 10 Ways Ultimate Marvel Is Completely Different From 616, Resident Evil: 10 Mistakes From The Movies The Netflix Series Needs To Avoid, MCU: 10 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming, Naruto: 5 Ways Hinata Changed After The Time Skip (& 5 She's Still The Same), Daredevil: 10 Things Foggy Nelson Can Do That Matt Murdock Can't, X-Men: 10 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming, Clamp: 10 Beautiful Illustrations By The Mangaka Group, Naruto: 5 Shinobi Kimimaro Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To). For a long time, Cyber Dragon wasn’t seen as a deck, just as the best Level 5 in the game. One of only a few decks during the Pendulum era that was actually...y’know...a Pendulum deck that saw any success on the competitive scene. Investing your budget into 1-2 competitive decks is the best way to win matches and compete in tournaments for sure but I play casually. Despite all of these problems, this deck is still really fun to play and barely made a dent in my wallet too. I do enjoy pondering over my many thousands of commons, keeping them instead of throwing them away or selling as bulk. Deskbots are an awesome casual/rogue option for players on a budget. Ever since the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon has been a fan favorite. To outsiders, YuGiOh may look like a game played by little kids with little strategy: We’ve had a 12 year old kid as a former US champion after all. Mobius the Frost monarch 2. As sad as this sounds, I had a ton of time to kill so I grabbed my 32 best decks and pitted them together in a knockout tournament. Rikkas are a solid Yugioh deck for those who are somewhat experienced and are looking to get better at the game. Giant Orc 2. Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops, their simple Rank 3 Link, has 4000 ATK. The deck was insanely powerful, with "Dragon Ruler" cards being very generic and incredibly easy to recycle on top of being able to build a ton of card advantage. Zwar ist der Tribut für die Krabbelviecher weniger interessant, da er die angeketteten Paleos bei der Auflösung des E… Even though, realistically, only one would have Ancient Gear monsters. check out Nekroz Most Used Cards 217 $101.89 7. Your email address will not be published. Trap/Spell brain controll 1 . Insect Knight 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Repeat until you’re the best in the school. Zombies only just lost to Battlin’ Boxers too! Decks. Atk/5000, Def/5000) equiped with two Axes of Despair(+1000 atk each), give me a list of your best strategy. Consistency is key for Cubics, sometimes they can OTK the best decks while other times they falter to some crappy old rogue strategies. Dark Bribe, Recall and Solemn traps all prevent your opponent from playing Yugioh when combined with Dark Law’s effects. Dragon Sure it lost to my fairly bad Kuriboh deck but it was very, very close. The Earth Machine cards make a return with Karakuri, an archetype of monsters that are based on wooden Japanese puppets. Magnet Warriors were given some great support in Yugi’s last Structure Deck. Yet another Earth-based Machine archetype, Infinitrack is about as straightforward as possible in terms of design. In a much slower Yu-Gi-Oh, the trick to the deck was they were capable of adding other Gadgets to the hand upon being summoned, creating a consistently new set of resources for the player. The 15 Best Starter Decks, Ranked. I very rarely use my HERO deck, Dark Law counters so many of my friends’ strategies and archetypes it’s bizarre. Completely “go hard or go home”, I absolutely adore the Blue-Eyes archetype for its power and fairness. Shiranui left the meta due to all the hits after cementing itself as one of the best Duel Links decks ever with its domination all throughout 2020. By Matthew England Aug 02, 2020. The Machina is again a group of Earth Machine monsters, most of which resembling factory or construction machines. Their special ability involved generating Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens which allowed them to activate the effects of their monsters. More of the Best Yu-Gi-Oh Decks. - GET A 30 DAY FREE TRAIL OF OVER 180,000 E-BOOKS ONLINE. After playing at least 50 duels with this deck, as well as taking it to my first locals, I’m still not really sure what I’m doing. I do enjoy pondering over my many thousands of commons, keeping them instead of throwing them away or selling as bulk. Whether you favor the opponent-hindering Virus Control cards or the ritual summoning antics of Cyber Angels, there's bound to be a competitive Duel Monsters deck structure for you. It's based on having the biggest, largest construction machines. Typical Dark Magician deck with nothing special to be honest, other than the fact I don’t own a single copy of the mandatory Apprentice Illusion Magician. TRY to fix BEST yugioh deck ever? I hope you like it. Randy at the time (and years before the Players Club) was all over the international Grand Prix ("Randy Buehler makes Top 8 at more European Grand Prix than every other American attends, combined. About time too, Konami hit the nail on the head with what they released. Once you get a few co-links going, your board becomes almost unbreakable and while it lacks OTK power, consistency is key. With the release of the new Yugioh game Duel Links on the Android and Apple Store, Yugioh is as popular as ever. "Dragon Rulers" were by far the best deck in its prime, with only "Spellbooks" being able to stand a chance against them. Bazoo the Soul-Eater 1. Dragunity Knight has one of the best creative art styles. Our site uses cookies. I absolutely appreciate this site. Decklist (none yet, waiting for the HERO Legendary Decks). … I’ve used this deck a few times now and it’s very confusing, I have a huge problem with the lack of spell/trap removal which is causing me to lose games. "). After being power-creeped over the years, I’ve mixed my Battlin’ Boxer core with generic Fire attribute support cards, as well as 3 copies of Magic Cylinder. This list looks at some of the best machine decks ever made. Swarming the field of level 3 Rock type monsters is another benefit and awesome reason to use this deck. Table of contents. I’m desperately hoping for future support, D/Ds are incredibly fair with a ton of counter-play! Ever since, their main boss monsters have been power-creeped down to obscurity. Author: yugioh expert. Best Yugioh Deck Ever!? Downloading Decks Guide; Most Viewed Decks; Tournament Decks; High Quality Decks; Casual Decks; Anime Decks; Speed Duel Decks; Duel Challenges; Articles. Duel Links Breaking News. Want to become a good duelist with a deck you really like? All RIGHTS RESERVED. One of a number of elemental archetypes introduced at the beginning of the Xyz era, Geargia had a special mix of focusing on searching and swarming at the right times. Konami’s favorite archetype for machines by far. Chaos is the best deck ever! Speedroid Menko was added for some protection, Deskbots are fragile so having a backup option to survive another turn is so helpful! Required fields are marked *. Believe it or not, there’s already more Cyberse monsters in the game than there are Dinosaurs, Fish, Sea Serpents & Wyrms! Want a quiz made by a real duelist? Once outpaced by the game, this deck is supposed to make a comeback this April with the structure deck, Mechanized Madness. Possibly the most fair deck on this list too, my Blue-Eyes build doesn’t deviate too far from the standard set-up. Due to this, my deck counts stands at nearly 50. Seeing as there’s so many continuous spells/traps, Waking the Dragon is an excellent decoy card to bait your opponent into! That’s why Konami decided to introduce this structure deck to control such power. Cubics are absolutely insane, you can build my decklist for just £40 and you’ll have a rogue deck that can OTK literally any other deck in the game. Monster Sangan 1. Caius The Shadow Monarch 1. Fortunately, their bigger monsters also have the ability to switch monsters into another battle position, stopping the smaller monsters from having to attack. Literally just summoning this guy is GG against a huge variety of opponents. That's why it's banned. Burning Abyss Most Used Cards 531 $123.61 2. Duel Links; PvP Best decks [Decklist Updated] Content. Activating Cubic Wave to double its ATK and halve the ATK of an opponent’s monster before attacking and ending turn is incredible! For all things Yu-Gi-Oh! … 32nd Mini Box: Photons of Galaxy. Updated Nov 04, 2020. Gemini Elf 1. Worrior Lady 1. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Skill Drain. 10 Tea Burn Tea Burn was one of the most hated decks in the early days of Duel Links. Every member of this archetype is a common, so they tend to be extremely cheap yet Deskbots can function well against a variety of decks. Obviously, this deck would get creamed by an actual meta deck but against casual or even rogue decks, it can surprise everyone. The Lair of Darkness comes with a huge array of cards that can negate the effects of many support cards. Right behind Dragons, Warriors, and Spellcasters in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Konami’s fourth favorite Type is easily Machine. Out of nowhere a player could freely Special Summon Cyber Dragon, a monster with 2100 ATK, for no reason other than their opponent controlled a monster. Ever wondered what deck suits you best? In Link format, the D/D archetype takes an extra turn to get their board set up and they’re massively weak to disruption. YuGiOh Deck Strategies and Tips. This was usually combined with the trap card Ultimate Offering, which allowed more normal summons at the cost of only 500 Life Points. They also have a habit of having monsters that don’t let the other player use spells or traps until after the monster has attacked, which is all the more helpful when they have something like Ancient Gear Golem with 3000 ATK. One of the oldest archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh, Ancient Gear was introduced at the same time as Elemental Heroes, with Jaden facing off against Crowler in episode one. Eater of Millions is in there for non-targeting removal of crazy boss monsters.

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