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It denounced corruption, dominance of political parties and remnants of communism as Italy's ills, while advocating market economy, the assertion of civil society and more efficient politics as the solutions. The establishment of Forza Italia was supported in terms of finance, personnel and logistics by Berlusconi's Fininvest corporation: The area managers of its advertisement branch Publitalia '80 (managed by Dell'Utri)[30] organised the selection of FI candidates, its marketing network staffed the opinion research centre Diakron that surveyed the "market potential" of the new party and the financial intermediaries of Fininvest subsidiary Programma Italia encouraged the launch of Forza Italia clubs. Neue Parteien legten dagegen stark zu, Forza Italia wurde auf Anhieb stärkste Kraft. [83] In 2004, ten years after the emergence of the party and during its second term in government, Mark Donovan summarised that this still might be an accurate description. ROMA - Forza nuova si scioglie e confluisce insieme ai gilet arancioni e i no mask dentro un altro contenitore dell'estrema destra che si chiamerà Italia Libera. Movimento Politico Forza Italia. In an atmosphere of reconciliation with Gianfranco Fini, Berlusconi also stated that the new party could have seen the participation of other parties. It has been claimed that Forza Italia had no internal democracy because there was no way of changing the leader of the party from below (although the party's constitution makes it possible). However it is possible to distinguish some patterns. We believe that the State should be the servant of the citizen and not the citizen the servant of the State. [1] Dreimal führte sie die Regierung jeweils in Mitte-rechts-Koalitionen: von 1994 bis 1996, von 2001 bis 2006 und ab 2008. The name is not usually translated into English: Combined result of Forza Italia (17.8%) and, traditional social teaching of the Church, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of Forza Italia leading members by political origin, ""Forza Italia ha raggiunto quota 400mila iscritti"", "Forza Italia si scioglie, ora è Pdl Berlusconi: "Dal '94 nulla è cambiato, "Oggi nasce il partito del popolo italiano", "Via l'Ici e stretta sulle intercettazioni", "Svolta di Berlusconi, arriva il Pdl: "Forza Italia-An sotto stesso simbolo, "Berlusconi: Forza Italia back and I will be driving it, "Silvio Berlusconi Relaunches Forza Italia on Senate Ousting Vote", "Berlusconi breaks away from Italian government after party splits", "Berlusconi, via alle tre riforme "Facciamo una politica di sinistra, "Fecondazione, divisi i vertici di Forza Italia", "Berlusconi: la Margherita venga con noi moderati", "Pera e la difesa dell' astensione, scontro tra i poli", "Fecondazione, Ruini chiama all' astensione", "The business firm model of party organisation: Cases from Spain and Italy", Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity, Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity, Early 20th-century Italian political parties,, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2014, Articles needing additional references from November 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [5][6] Andere Autoren bezeichneten Forza Italia aus diesem Grund als „Instantpartei“, „Partei aus Plastik“,[7][6] „Firmen-“,[8][9] „Phantom-“ oder „virtuelle Partei“.[10][11]. AC Milan ran out 2-0 winners away to mid-table Bologna on Saturday afternoon at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara. L'ideologia del partito variava dal liberismo all'economia sociale di mercato di ispirazione cristiano-democratica. April stattfindenden vorgezogenen Parlamentswahlen mit einer gemeinsamen Liste antreten werden. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'forza' in LEOs Italienisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. It was the main member of the Pole of Freedoms/Pole of Good Government, Pole for Freedoms and House of Freedoms coalitions. [38] The case of Forza Italia was unprecedented as never before had a large political party been launched by a business corporation. Pagina del coordinamento cittadino di Forza Italia a Melegnano. Sandro Bondi, a leading member of the party, wrote: Forza Italia considers liberal classics as Croce, Sturzo, Hayek and Einaudi as reference authors. [4], In fact the electoral base of Forza Italia was highly heterogeneous and the ideological differences among its voters are explained also by its different regional constituencies: while voters from the North tended to support the original libertarian line of the party, voters from the South tended to be more statist. [32], FI's political programme was strongly influenced by the manifesto "In Search of Good Government" (Alla ricerca del buongoverno) authored in late 1993 by Giuliano Urbani who was then a political science professor at Milan's private Bocconi University and an occasional collaborator of Fininvest. Pact for Italy: Leader's seat Rome: Bologna: Sassari (lost) Seats won 366 C / 156 S: 213 C / 122 S: 46 C / 31 S: Coalition vote 16,585,516 C 14,110,705 S: 13,308,244 C 10,881,320 S: 6,098,986 C 5,519,090 S: Percentage 42.8% 42.6% 34.3% 32.9% 15.8% 16.7% Election results maps for the Chamber of Deputies (on the left) and for the Senate (on the right). [46] In the 2008 general election the PdL won 37.4% and a majority in both chambers, thanks to the alliance with Lega Nord (8.3%). Die Gründung der Partei wurde finanziell, personell und logistisch stark von Berlusconis Fininvest-Konzern unterstützt. The concepts of a good civil society and hypopolitics were both liberal and populist; while the minimal state was a mainly liberal idea and the new virtuous elite a chiefly populist one. Berlusconi himself was a close friend of Bettino Craxi, leader of the PSI, in spite of his own Christian Democratic and Liberal background (Berlusconi was a DC activist in occasion of the 1948 general election). [15], Dieser Artikel handelt von der ehemaligen Partei, Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Autonomi Lavoratori. März 2009 in Rom gegründet, womit gleichzeitig Forza Italia offiziell aufgelöst wurde. "Nei prossimi giorni ne seguiranno diversi altri": Fratelli d'Italia si appresta a 'svuotare' Forza Italia in Emilia-Romagna. Forza Italia (FI; translated to "Forward Italy" or "Let's Go Italy",) was a centre-right political party in Italy with liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic, liberal, social-democratic and populist tendencies. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first general election soon afterwards in March 1994. However, the party obtained substantial successes in the 1995 Italian regional elections, both in the North (winning in Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto) and the South (Campania, Apulia and Calabria). The incumbent Berlusconi-led government narrowly lost to The Union coalition, which returned Romano Prodi as Prime Minister, relegating Forza Italia and its House of Freedoms allies to opposition. [27] The party's organisation and ideology depended heavily on its leader. [...] We believe that the State should be at the service of citizens, and not citizens at the service of the State. Anna Maria Bernini (Bologna, 17 agosto 1965) è una politica, avvocato e accademica italiana, dal 27 marzo 2018 capogruppo di Forza Italia al Senato della Repubblica. A scheme of the internal factions within Forza Italia could be this: Christian democrats and liberal-centrists were undoubtedly the strongest factions within the party, but all four were mainstream for a special issue: for example liberals and liberal-centrists were highly influential over economic policy, Christian democrats led the party over ethical issues (although there was a substantial minority promoting a more progressive outlook), while social democrats had their say in defining the party's policy over labour market reform and, moreover, it is thanks to this group (and to those around Tremonti, he himself a former Socialist) that constitutional reform was at the top of Forza Italia's political agenda. First, it was about 30 degrees (F) cooler. Dieses stellte von 1994 bis 1996 und erneut von 2001 bis 2006 die Mehrheit im italienischen Parlament und die Regierung, jeweils unter Silvio Berlusconi als Ministerpräsident. English: Forza Italia was a political party founded by Silvio Berlusconi, then merged into Popolo della Libertà. [60][third-party source needed]. Throughout its existence, the party was characterised by a strong reliance on the personal image and charisma of its leader - it has therefore been called a "personality party"[22][23] or Berlusconi's "personal party"[24][25][26] - and the skillful use of media campaigns, especially via television. Again all key ministerial posts were given to Forza Italia members: Interior (Claudio Scajola 2001–2002, Giuseppe Pisanu 2002–2006), Defence (Antonio Martino 2001–2006), Finance (Giulio Tremonti, 2001–2004 and 2005–2006), Industry (Antonio Marzano 2001–2005, Claudio Scajola 2005–2006) and Foreign Affairs (Franco Frattini, 2002–2004). Friuli Venezia Giulia. November 2013 aus der Regierungspartei Popolo della Libertà (PdL) hervorging. Forza Italia (deutsch Vorwärts Italien, ursprünglich ein Schlachtruf im Sport) war eine politische Partei in Italien, die 1994 gegründet wurde und am 29. There was nominally no internal opposition (although some critical voices raised up, such as those of Senators Paolo Guzzanti and Raffaele Iannuzzi). [3] Der Wahlkampf der neuen Partei stützte sich in erheblichem Maße auf die zu Fininvest gehörenden Fernsehsender und PR-Maschinerie. This government which centrist, liberal, with Catholics and reformists, intends to advance with policies that the left-wing promises by word of mouth.[63]. Silvio Berlusconi was sworn in May 1994 as Prime Minister of Italy in a government in which the most important cabinet posts were held by fellow Forza Italia members: Antonio Martino was 1 Comment. In the election for the Chamber of Deputies, FI scored 23.7% and 137 seats, in those for the Senate 24.0%, without counting Trentino-Alto Adige, whose seats were contested on first-past-the-post basis and which is a left-wing stronghold, due to its alliance with the autonomist South Tyrolean People's Party). November 2015. [87] In December 1999 Forza Italia was finally granted full membership of the European People's Party (EPP).[42]. Forza Italia ci sarà ma io non mi concentrerò solo sugli interventi dal palco: voglio ascoltare chi è in piazza e cogliere cosa spinga, nell’era dell’antipolitica grillina, a scendere ancora in … Regional elections in April 2005 were a serious blow for the party, which however remained strong in the northern regions, such as Lombardy and Veneto, and somewhere in the South, where Sicily was a stronghold. For this, we believe concretely in the individual [...]. März 2009 in der neuen Partei Popolo della Libertà (PdL) aufging. [56] Both its Northern strongholds (Lombardy, Veneto) and its Southern strongholds (Sicily, Apulia) were once dominated by the Christian Democracy party, but, while in the South most leading members of Forza Italia are former Christian Democrats, the party was highly influenced also by liberals in the North. In 2004 European elections, Forza Italia was second place nationally, receiving 20.1% of the vote and returning 16 MEPs. [1] Dreimal führte sie die Regierung jeweils in Mitte-rechts-Koalitionen: von 1994 bis 1996, von 2001 bis 2006 und ab 2008. Movimento Politico Forza Italia. November 2008 beschloss der Parteivorstand von Forza Italia die Auflösung der Partei und ihr Aufgehen im Popolo della Libertà. Soon after the election Berlusconi formed his fourth government. Von einer Parteispaltung begleitet, beschloss das PdL am 16. It took four years until the first party congress was held. Coordinamento Forza Italia regione Lombardia. It was the only party to use the word "President" in its logo. The party used TV advertising extensively, although this was slightly restricted following 2000 by a law passed by the centre-left majority of the time. After this disappointing electoral performance the cabinet was reshuffled, due to the insistence of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats's leaders, and Berlusconi formed his third cabinet. FORZA ITALIA. In June 2001, after the huge success in May elections, Silvio Berlusconi was returned head of the Italian government, the longest-serving cabinet in the history of the Italian republic. He asserted that the party (and the centre-right camp) was only coherent and disciplined when it came to questions that strongly concerned Berlusconi, while he allowed great liberties to the diverse factions in other issues that did not concern his personal interests.[84]. Piazza Maggiore, 6 - 40124 Bologna P.Iva 01232710374 telefono 051 203040 Am 21. The party was divided basically over ethical (between social conservatives and progressives), economic (between social democrats and some Christian democrats on one side and liberals on the other one) and institutional issues. Forza Italia (FI) è stato un partito politico italiano di centro-destra, attivo dal 18 gennaio 1994 al 27 marzo 2009 e poi rifondato in un omonimo partito il 16 novembre 2013.Presidente e leader del partito è stato, sin dalla sua fondazione, Silvio Berlusconi. In June 2013 Berlusconi announced the upcoming revival of Forza Italia, and the transformation of the People of Freedom into a centre-right coalition. Fratelli d'Italia Indirizzo: piazza Maggiore 6 Presidente: Francesco Sassone Telefono: 051 2193683 Fax: 051 7095097 E-mail: In Wirtschaftsfragen tritt sie liberal auf, sonst eher konservativ und christdemokratisch. The party's anthem was sung in karaoke fashion at American-style conventions. Giogia Meloni (R), Mitglied der Fratelli d ' Italia Partei (Brüder von Italien) mit Silvio Berlusconi (C) Forza Italia Partei und Matteo Salvini, Bundessekretär der Partei Lega Nord (Lega Nord) während der Lega Nord Partei (Lega Nord) nationalen Rallye in Bologna am 8. [13] Berlusconi wurde zitiert: „Ich bin glücklich, dass wir zu diesem Namen zurückgekehrt sind, den wir alle noch im Herzen haben: Forza Italia.“[14] PdL-Generalsekretär Angelino Alfano und seine Regierungskollegen hatten hingegen bereits im Vorfeld erklärt, an dem Parteitag nicht teilzunehmen und sich mit einer Reihe weiterer Abgeordneter als neue Partei Nuovo Centrodestra zu formieren. They grabbed their second goal … Roma enjoyed a lively Sunday afternoon at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara as they beat Sinisa Mihajlovic’s Bologna 5-1. New Force (Italian: Forza Nuova, FN) is an Italian far-right political party. Its leader was Silvio Berlusconi, four times Prime Minister of Italy.. [80][81][82], Given the perceived use of government responsibility to advance Berlusconi's personal and Fininvest's business interests during the period of Forza Italia-led government, the political scientist Patrick McCarthy in 1995 proposed to describe Forza Italia as a "clan" rather than a reform-minded political party. CENTERGROSS Bologna, Argelato. Comune di Bologna. The party has often been strongly criticized for its radical positions and for acts of violence involving some militants. In the 2006 general election the party was present with a slightly different logo, with the words "Berlusconi President" (Berlusconi Presidente). Between 1996 and 1998, the party started to strengthen its organisation under Claudio Scajola, a former Christian Democrat who served as national coordinator of Forza Italia from 1996 to 2001. In December 1999, Forza Italia gained full membership in the European People's Party,[42] of which Antonio Tajani, the party leader of Forza Italia in the European Parliament, became a Vice President. However, Berlusconi was highly popular among his party fellows, and it was unlikely he could have been overthrown if such an election had occurred. [50], The "Secular Creed", that was also the preamble to the party's constitution, described the party in this way: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, Forza Italia is a liberal party although not an elitist one, indeed a popular liberal-democratic party; it is a Catholic party although not a confessional one; it is a secular party, although not an intolerant and secularist one; it is a national party, although not a centralist one. Ed io sarò a Bologna per questo: per capire dove sta andando questo centrodestra che punta ad unire anime ed idee. Sie wurde während ihrer ganzen Existenz von Silvio Berlusconi geführt und war stark auf dessen Person ausgerichtet. For the current Italian political party launched in 2013, see. On 31 July 2007 Berlusconi's protegee and possible successor Michela Vittoria Brambilla registered the name and the logo of the "Freedom Party" (Partito della Libertà) apparently with Berlusconi's backing. [45] Finally, on 8 February, Berlusconi and Fini agreed to form a joint list under the banner of "The People of Freedom", allied with Lega Nord. On 21 November 2008 the national council of the party, presided over by Alfredo Biondi and attended by Berlusconi himself, officially decided the dissolution of Forza Italia into The People of Freedom (PdL), whose official foundation took place on 27 March 2009. Oktober 2013 erklärte Berlusconi als Präsident des Popolo della Libertà, dass seine Partei nunmehr wieder Forza Italia heißen solle. Die offizielle Gründung erfolgte am 18. [4] Chiara Moroni, who explains Forza Italia's ideology as a mixture of liberal, Christian-democratic and social-democratic values (united in the concept of "popular liberalism" in party documents), wrote that "Berlusconi offered to voters liberal values through a populist style" and that "Forza Italia has made the liberal political ideal popular" among voters, so that "it was spread and shared by broad and heterogenous sectors of the Italian population". Die Wahl fand in der Zeit der Mani-pulite-Prozesse statt, in der massive Korruption, Amtsmissbrauch und illegale Parteifinanzierung aufgedeckt wurden (Tangentopoli). [21], Alessandro Campi has written that "the political culture of Forza Italia – a curious and, on many respects, untold mixture of "liberalism" and "democratic populism" – deserves to be described as an "anti-ideological ideology", [...] as a synthesis or fusion of very diverse political families and traditions (from liberal Catholicism to social conservatism, from reformist socialism to economic liberalism), kept together by the mobilizing appeal to "freedom"". Am 8. Forza Italia (FI) è un partito politico italiano di centro-destra.Fondato il 16 novembre 2013 da Silvio Berlusconi, riprende il nome e il simbolo dell'omonima formazione politica, attiva dal 18 gennaio 1994 al 27 marzo 2009.. Vi è confluita la maggioranza degli esponenti del Popolo della Libertà dopo la scissione dell'area di Angelino Alfano, passata invece al Nuovo Centrodestra. The electoral results of Forza Italia in the 10 most populated regions of Italy are shown in the table below. Ha già imbarcato alcuni consiglieri comunali lungo la via Emilia a ovest di Bologna e da l'altro giorno conta anche su Galeazzo Bignami, già recordman di preferenze azzurro in Regione e oggi deputato. However Claudio Scajola and most former Christian Democrats supported a more capillary-based organisation, to make participate as much people as possible, and a more collegial, participative and democratic decision-making process. Even some former Communists were leading members of the party, such as national party coordinator Sandro Bondi and Ferdinando Adornato. Un congresso nazionale nel quale l'eterno leader Silvio Berlusconi ha comunque ancora dominato l'attenzione con una bordata senza precedenti al Governo. Das Marketingnetzwerk von Finivest stellte das Personal für das Meinungsforschungsinstitut Diakron, das das „Marktpotenzial“ der neuen Partei untersuchte. Party national-level conventions did not have normally elections to choose the party leadership (although the national congress elected some members of the national council), and they seemed to be more like events arranged for propaganda purposes. 4848 persone ne parlano. [30] To extend its representation in different regions, FI often recruited established politicians of the "old" parties, mainly DC and PSI, who defected to the new party, bringing their local clientele with them. pagina ufficiale di Forza Italia Bologna e Provincia, sezione di Casalecchio di Reno. Atalanta blew a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 away to Bologna on Wednesday evening, extending their inconsistent start to this Serie A season. The first Berlusconi-led government had a short life and fell in December, when Lega Nord left the coalition, after disagreements over pension reform and the first avviso di garanzia (preliminary notice of an investigation) for Berlusconi, passed by Milan prosecutors. Allerdings sprachen sich zunächst alle drei großen Bündnispartner (Alleanza Nazionale, Lega Nord und UDC) gegen eine Auflösung in die von Berlusconi neu gegründete Partei aus. Before being merged into the PdL, Forza Italia had a president (currently Silvio Berlusconi), two vice-presidents (Giulio Tremonti and Roberto Formigoni), a presidential committee (presided by Claudio Scajola) and a national nouncil (presided by Alfredo Biondi). The original idea was the so-called "light party" (partito leggero), intended to be different from Italian traditional, bureaucratic and self-referential, party machines. We believe in the values of our Christian tradition, in the life values which cannot be renounced, in common good, in freedom of education and learning, in peace, in solidarity, in justice, in tolerance [...]. E' morto all'età di 63 anni, dopo una breva malattia, a Firenze, Paolo Bartolozzi, ex consigliere ed ex eurodeputato di Forza Italia. The best wholesale district of Europe. Forza Italia A snap national general election was held in Italy on 27–28 March 1994 to elect members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the 12th legislature . [47] The modern-day Forza Italia was launched on 18 September 2013[48] and the PdL was dissolved into the new party on 16 November 2013. Dieses Stockfoto: Bologna, Italien. The party included also non-Catholic members, but they were a minority, and it was less secular in its policies than Christian Democratic Union of Germany. November 2007 kündigte Berlusconi die Gründung einer neuen Partei mit dem Namen Popolo della Libertà (deutsch: Volk der Freiheit) an. La nomina, accolta "con enorme piacere", è arrivata a Castadini dal coordinatore regionale Enrico Aimi "dopo una consultazione con il … The party regained power in the general election of 2001, gaining 29.4% of the votes with Giorgio La Malfa's tiny Italian Republican Party, in a new coalition called House of Freedoms (CdL) and composed mainly of the National Alliance, Lega Nord, Christian Democratic Centre and United Christian Democrats (the last two parties merged in 2002 to form the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, UDC). STADIO ENNIO TARDINI (Parma) – Bologna claimed a straightforward 3-0 win over Parma in Sunday’s Derby dell’Emilia, extending their hosts’ dire home record to nine without a win and eight without a goal. Forza Italia's leader was replaced as Prime Minister by Lamberto Dini, an independent politician who had been the administration's Treasury Minister. Bologna live scores, lineups, push notifications, video highlights and player profiles. 24 persone ne parlano. The Giallorossi raced into a three-goal lead inside 15 … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. (Agenzia VISTA) - Bologna, 8 Novembre 2015 - La manifestazione "Liberiamoci" con Salvini, Berlusconi e Meloni. [36] Several other authors have adopted this comparison,[76][77][78][79] and have labeled Berlusconi as a "political entrepreneur". CON SILVIO. My second Saturday in Bologna brought a marked difference from my first one. Er gab dem amtierenden Ministerpräsident Silvio Berlusconi dabei freie Hand für den Vollzug des Übergangs. Historisch gesehen hat die Forza Italia großen Teilen der nach der Auflösung der italienischen Christdemokratie (Democrazia Cristiana, DC) und der sozialistischen Partei (Partito Socialista Italiano, PSI) heimatlos gewordenen bürgerlichen bzw. [35][36][37] In her 2001 study of the party, political scientist Emanuela Poli described Forza Italia as "a mere diversification of Fininvest in the political market". The citizen is sovereign. Januar 1994, zwei Monate vor der einschneidenden Parlamentswahl im März. Sie wurde während ihrer ganzen Existenz von Silvio Berlusconi geführt und war stark auf dessen Person ausgerichtet. While Pera campaigned hard for the success of the boycott along with most FI members, both Berlusconi and Tremonti explicitly said that "abstention" was their personal opinion, not the official one of the party. [62], We want a social market economy. [39] In a couple of months Forza Italia became one of the leading Italian parties, achieving a large consensus through an accurate strategy of communication and pounding electoral spots aired by the Mediaset TV channels.[40]. A democracy cannot afford citizens in poor conditions. Live data provided by ScoreAxis.Com [32] This earned Forza Italia labels like "virtual",[33] "plastic"[34] or "business-firm party". This additionally included the widespread distribution of Berlusconi‘s biography, which was titled "An Italian Story" (Una storia italiana). 11 persone ne parlano. La consigliera regionale Valentina Castaldini guiderà Forza Italia alle prossime amministrative di Bologna. [4] From a comparative perspective the ideology of Forza Italia has been characterized as liberal conservative[3][51][52][53] (or conservative liberal[54]), national conservative[55] and liberal. Am 25. Großer Verlierer der Wahlen in Italien sind die Sozialdemokraten von Matteo Renzi. Members of Forza Italia were divided in factions, which were sometimes mutable and formed over the most important political issues, despite previous party allegiances. Bei den Parlamentswahlen im Jahr 2006 hat die Forza Italia mit einem Anteil von 23,7 % deutlich weniger Stimmen erhalten als noch 2001 (29 %) und gleichzeitig ihre Regierungsmehrheit eingebüßt, ist allerdings weiterhin mit großem Abstand stärkste Partei. Milan opened the scoring in the first half through Ante Rebic putting the Rossoneri ahead before the half hour. After the sudden fall of the Prodi II Cabinet on 24 January 2008, the break-up of The Union coalition and the subsequent political crisis paving the way towards a new general election, Berlusconi hinted on 25 January that Forza Italia would have probably contested its final election and the new party would have been officially founded after that election. Februar 2008 gaben Berlusconi und Fini jedoch bekannt, dass Forza Italia und Alleanza Nazionale an den am 13. und 14. It was founded by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello.The party is a member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom and was a part of the Social Alternative from 2003 to 2006. [...] Freedom is not graciously conceded by the State, because it comes before it.

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