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Genshin Impact regularly releases codes that can give you gold, primogems, books, and more. Here’s a list of working Genshin Impact promo codes:. Youtube, twitter, facebook and other social media.. We created this post to help all the Genshin Impact enthusiastic who love to play the game, but more than that who enjoys redeeming codes every now and then. 4- Check the reward in your in-game mailbox As a result, developer miHoYo has decided to offer a little reward to new players. Obviously, our big issue of concern is the primogems right now, we'll be pulling hard on the Xiao banner. Wounds have healed, but the peace that should have fallen over the city of wind, Mondstadt, did not arrive. [Tips] Genshin Impact Promo Codes. Check out our gacha beginner's guide to find out. || While players can redeem our Genshin Imapct codes to get some Primogems that is the in-game currency of the game. (Or click here) You cannot currently use the codes in the game itself. Genshin Impact codes can provide you free Primogems, Mora, Wits, and other game stuff. None. A simple overview of all Promotion Codes for Genshin Impact. To navigate to the said feature, open Paimon’s menu. Genshin Impact codes are rewards that Mihoyo occasionally give to players, whether primogems, mora, or anything else. Copyright © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Helping gamers with walkthroughs, guides, cheats & console commands and codes lists since 2005, Gaia Odyssey Gift Code List – February 2021, Ori and the Will of the Wisps Walkthrough. There are different codes for each server / region, and these are the valid codes for North America (we don’t know if also South America): There are different codes for each server / region, and these are the valid codes for Europe: There are different codes for each server / region, and these are the valid codes for Asia: Have you ever redeemed a code? We will keep this list updated, so come back for more codes, gifts & rewards in a few days. Here are all Genshin Impact promo codes that you can redeem right now: Cuupmbjsvd – Redeem this code for free 50 primogems GSIMPTQ125 – Redeem this code for free 60 primogems and 10,000 Mora GENSHINGIFT – Redeem this code for free 50 primogems and 3 hero’s wit Anyway, gift codes! There is no harm in trying this code to see if it works or not. GenshinMHY0I– this code gives 30x Primogems (for Asian countries). This Genshin Impact Hack Android is very easy to use. (Make sure to login to your miHoYo account) Step 2. To raise Adventure Rank quickly, simply complete side, main quests, or complete daily commissions. With these Primogems and XPs, you can level up your characters. Genshin Impact is one of the most-talked-about video games right now. Promo Code. Genshin Impact Expired Coupon Codes. Once you are at Level 10, head to the official website and follow the steps below to redeem your Genshin Impact codes. For more updates, latest tips and tricks check our Genshin Impact Wiki Guide. With using our Genshin Impact Hack IOS, you won’t need any Genshin Impact Cheat Codes. 153YUSAENH – 30 Primogem, 5 Adventurer’s Experience; CUUPMBJSVD – 50 primogems; GSIMPTQ125 – 60 primogems, 10,000 mora Learn how your comment data is processed. Like most free to play games, you can enter promo codes in Genshin Impact to get free items and rewards. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer Out, Optimized for Xbox…, You Can Now Play As Snoop Dogg In NHL 20 Starting Today, PlayStation Plus Offer Titan Fall 2 And Monster Energy…, All Hitman 3 Easter Eggs And Pop Culture References, Best Games Of 2021 That You Should Not Miss Out On, Best Weapons That You Should Get In Roblox Jailbreak…, © 2018 - 2021 - Gamer Tweak. You have to input the below three things. FREE Codes! Posted by. Genshin Impact has made a huge impression, with over 10 million downloads in its first week since launch. GSIMPTQ125 – 60 primogems, 10,000 mora. Redeemable codes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "New primogem codes - be fast". Click on the Paimon-icon located in the top left corner of the game screen. Close. The gorgeous animation and engaging open-world make the game too fun to put down. With these promo codes, you can score some additional Primogems, Mora, and other items to … GSIMPTQ125 – Secondly, use this code and you can get 60 primogems, 10,000 mora (new) 2. Genshin Impact Codes. Anyway, on to the gift codes. All rewards and redeemable codes for Genshin Impact. The way to using the Genshin Impact Codes is very simple. So, if you find a code online you can assume it … The new year has brought about several exciting things, including new promo codes for Genshin Impact.For new players, and those who weren't aware, there are promo codes that come out throughout the year, gifting player's free in-game items.These are the items and codes for January 2021 and how/where to use them. Code: 153YuSaenh 50 Primogems. What are primogems? It’s just a simple 123 step and you will be on your way on getting your free Genshin Impact Free Primogems. GENSHIN1006S– get 5x EXP and 30x gems (for Asian Country) by using given genshin impact … The game is so lit that it even topped world’s mobile game app chart in October, claiming the throne of the most profitable game.. Genshin Impact Codes. Promotional codes can be activated through the Genshin Impact website . Select Server; Character Nickname; Redemption Code; Step 3. Buffs & Nerfs? Redeeming Genshin Impact codes is quite easy. More Patch 1.1 Genshin Impact Leaks! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. what are genshin impact codes? GENSHINGIFT – 50 primogems, three hero’s wit. Select Country and Character Name correctly. Navigate the ‘Redeem Code’ option, which can be found at the top right of the screen. Genshin Impact Codes 2021 ( Topmost Codes ) Get the full and updated list of the Genshin Impact Codes. All Rights Reserved. Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular free to play games on PS4, PC, and mobile devices. These codes will provide you with Primogems, Mora, and a few XP. These rewards are obtainable in the form of codes, and the procedure to redeem them is detailed below: Notably, these rewards can only be obtained by redeeming Genshin Impact promo codes. Even though the game is still new, there are already a few codes you can enter to get free stuff. Given this crazy high popularity, miHoYo decided to release some redeem codes to spice up … Genshin Impact codes are obtained by the official website, for which a player needs to reach a level 10 of the Adventure Rank. Genshin Impact Codes – The free to play Android & iOS RPG game by miHoYo & Unity – Claim free gifts like Primogen, Mora, and other exclusive rewards with the codes we are going to provide you, Also check our Genshin Impact Tier List, Level Up, Best Weapons, Talent Books, Alchemy Recipes & Recipes Guide, Go to your server / region and find tons of codes to redeem, codes are server / region’s exclusive, so make sure to redeem the codes available in your server / region. Once you’ve clicked on over, find the Redeem Code option on the navigation bar. Comments are locked [Tips] Genshin Impact Promo Codes. There are multiple reasons why players are loving it and of them is the developer of the game often rewards Genshin Impact players with free in-game rewards. Banner Uplift? Along the way, prepare to explore every inch of this wondrous world, join forces with a diverse range of characters, and unravel the countless mysteries that Teyvat holds…, The official Genshin Impactr, by miHoYo & Unity, site > Here, Genshin Impact Lisa Gift Guide – Best Choices. You can read guides such as how to redeem Genshin Impact codes, where to find Cor Lapis, and how to change controls in Genshin Impact. These promo codes generally reward players with free Primogems, the in-game currency of Genshin Impact. Upon redeeming Genshin Impact codes, players will get a lot of Primegems and Mora. You must be at least Adventure Rank 10 to claim rewards as the mailbox isn't unlocked until then. Promo Code. Genshin Impact is all about that gacha grind, and having some extra resources to spend on character pulls is always a good thing. 153YuSaenh – Firstly, use this code and you can get 30 primogems, five adventurer’s experience (new) 1. Codes can also be redeemed in-game through Settings ---> Account ---> Redeem Code. To use codes in Genshin Impact, you are going to need to be at least Adventure Rank 10. They may differ depending on the regional server, but Mihoyo tends to use the same codes across servers too. The three newer codes (5KVEIBSXDUU, G3TQQ6TOQME, and ATDGIXLD56) expired yesterday (Dec. 11). Genshin Impact players can use codes in the in-game redeem code exchange feature to get free Primogems, Mora, Enhancement ores, Hero’s wit, etc. 4 months ago. Redeem the code quickly before it expires. The good news is that Genshin Impact does have free promo codes that can get you all sorts of in-game resources such as items, resources, and more. Other than these, there are many different ways to obtain these in-game currencies and gems. Genshin Impact Codes (Maybe) The codes in this section may or may not work. Your email address will not be published. We've added this section due to the conflicting reports in the comments. Enter the code that you want to redeem in Genshin Impact. Now all you need to do is visit the code redemption site and throw the following codes in… 153YuSaenh; GSIMPTQ125; GENSHINGIFT; This should reward you with 140 Primogems, 10k Mora, and a bunch of level-up items that will help buff Xiao, should you get lucky enough to pull him today. Godspeed. For more games cheats and codes you can also check: Step into Teyvat, a vast world teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy. The devastation that once swept the land has finally ceased. Here is a list of all the promo codes eligible to redeem Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact has just unveiled some massive news alongside the new All That Glitters trailer. Genshin Impact Codes 2021 Wiki List⇓ Wiki List of all new Genshin Impact Codes as of February 2021: – 153YuSaenh – Redeem this code for X30 Primos(released on January 12, 2021) GSIMPTQ125 – Redemption code for x60 primo gems and 10K Mora(released in Dec ‘ 20. 3- Click on redeem. For those who don’t know how to redeem promo codes in Genshin Impact should follow these simple steps: That’s all you need to know about Genshin Impact Promo Codes. Step 1. Genshin Impact Codes (EXPIRED) All these codes for genshin impact are currently expired. To redeem codes, you need to navigate to the Genshin Impact website. If you are not signed into the website, you will need to do so before you can complete this process. To get the in-game rewards, you will need to redeem the codes which is a very easy process. For the unversed, Primegems and Mora and in-game currency. Go to the Official Genshin Impact Redeem Code Page. Separated by an unknown god, stripped of your powers, and cast into a deep slumber, you now awake to a world very different from when you first arrived. What's a banner? Genshin Impact is miHoYo's first ever open-world game, where beliefs in "The Seven" converge in the fantasy world of Teyvat. Have you ever redeemed a code? Only the ones mentioned on the above list works. Here are all Genshin Impact promo codes that you can redeem right now: Note: These codes can only be used once per account. cuupmbjsvd – 50 Primogems; GSIMPtq125 – 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora; GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems and 3 Hero’s Wit; 153YUSAENH – 30 Primogems, 5 Adventurer’s EXP; GOLNXLAKC58 – 50 Primogems; GENSHIN1111 – 60 Primogems and 10,000 Mora; GenshinZHB30 – 160 Primogems; GENSHIN1006A – 30 … Your Free Genshin Impact Codes For February 3, 2021. If not follow these simple steps: 1- Go to, 2- Select the Server (Region), enter your character nickname, and also the redemption code, 4- Check the reward in your in-game mailbox, If you still have any doubt, you can also watch this video from the youtuber Enviosity, and learn to redeem codes. The developers behind the open-world RPG title Genshin Impact are often seen rewarding its player base with free in-game rewards. The same goes for Genshin Impact’s codes. Next, you need to fill out all the text box. Genshin Impact Codes – How to Redeem? These rewards are given in the form of promo codes. Genshin Impact Codes for Mobile Codes for Genshin Impact are the same across platforms. While you are here, you can read other guides on the game. If not follow these simple steps: 1- Go to Genshin Impact is one of the biggest free-to-play games out there, and like most free-to-play games, there are a ton of promo codes you can enter to get free in-game items and rewards. It seems definite that Genshin Impact has become the hottest waifu game in 2020. The domineering Fatui have risen up in the name of "defense" to oppress other city-states. [CLICK SHOW MORE! Make sure to check back this page from time to time because we will keep updating Genshin Impact codes whenever new codes are released. Currently, the following Genshin Impact codes are 100% working and active. Since these codes could expire at any moment, so make sure to redeem them as early as possible. 2- Select the Server (Region), enter your character nickname, and also the redemption code. Below are the list of promo codes you can use to redeem 60 Primo and 10,000 Mora. Source: Android Central. Miss or Hit) GENSHINGIFT – This code might only for new players(new accounts) ——–BELOW LISTED GENSHIN IMPACT CODES … Image Credit- … 57. Welcome to the biggest working list of Genshin Impact Codes.This list contains the codes that have been published across a number of channels viz. They often release them around a new update to the game, though, so it’s worth keeping an eye out around then. An Exclusive PixFuture Partner, Genshin Impact Codes February 2021- Get Primogems & Mora For Free. If you’re hunting for free cousins, you’re in the right place. 30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP. Thus begins your journey across Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven — the gods of each element. You and your sibling arrived here from another world. GENSHIN IMPACT CODES FEBRUARY 2021 153YuSaenh – 30 primogems, five adventurer’s experience. This guide is revised on a regular basis. Redeem them here with your … In order to redeem, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 10 and above.

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