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Five daughters. Though Doctor Faustus is regarded as a morality play, it is different from the medieval play Everyman, where Death is a character, God is rigid and vindictive, and the only life possible to reach eternal salvation is the one leading to death. is left in Cassio’s lodgings by Iago, which makes What is Shylock forced to do at the end of the play? Highlight words and phrases linked to the epilogue of the play. He stays there for 28 years. Temporal and Tick as appropriate. A girl asks the knight three impossible trials before granting him her love. Write them down. she was able to converse freely and with humour What does the part of Robinson’s story related to the desert island add to its appeal? Desdemona is tied to her husband by love and fear. He becomes paralysed with fear. Romeo is tender, romantic, artful, passionate. Book of Common Prayer, mainly prepared by They come from two main sources: embryos in the very early stages of development and adult tissue (adult stem cells). Irony; third-person narration, in which the reader mainly shares Elizabeth’s point of view; first-person narrative in the many letters (epistolary technique). Student’s activity. J, Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take. What is the role of nature in Coleridge’s poetry? F He was crowned in Westminster Abbey, London. In the first part of the play she shows great strength of will and is the driving force behind her husband. Perhaps with this soliloquy Shakespeare was making his own farewell to his art as a dramatist and a man of the theatre. However, the feeling of the poem is that his passion is more real and rare than the Petrarchan sentiment. Correct the following statements about New Learning. the Factory Act. what he reflects upon in line 2; He reflects upon the macrocosm (‘you chaste stars’). He fights and wins many battles including his last. It reenacted freedoms that had been stated by Magna Carta and the Petition of Right, and it established that the king could levy taxes, raise an army and suspend laws only with parliamentary consent. The main characters are: Othello, a darkskinned Moor, a general of the Venetian army; To the Augustan Age, a child was important only in so far as he would become an adult and civilised being. F His family was of English origin. The harmony between them and the landscape is also conveyed through the use of a sort of chromatic correspondence - the man’s black suit and the gloom of nature; the woman’s ivory dress and the dog on one side, and the bright clouds on the background on the other. Most of the city occupied the northern bank of the Thames and was, as the poet records, ‘Open unto the fields, and to the sky’ on the southern bank of the river. The Jacobite rebellion of 1745, raised in Scotland by Charles Edward Stuart who wanted to make his claim to the throne. What Defoe explores is the conflict between economic motivation and spiritual salvation. The city is ugly, in the hands of traders and full of suffering. Gli esercizi devono essere svolti in un tempo dato, in qualsiasi ordine ma senza la possibilità di correggere gli errori. as well as the second answer, which is that 4th paragraph: Gulliver meets an ingenious architect who builds houses by beginning from the roof. No unrelated content is introduced. and the origins of Protestantism. Suggestion: Swift found a job at the house of Sir William Temple, a Whig statesman. The reasons behind the hero’s struggle against his own feelings: Darcy’s social pride and his feeling of Elizabeth’s relatives’ ‘inferiority’ (lines 8-13). This cathedral reveals the great importance given to God and religion by believers at the time, when building monumental cathedrals was regarded as one of the most desirable ways to reflect the glory of God. Audiences began to enjoy pantomime, a kind of ballad opera, a mixture of political satire, picaresque adventures and love interest. Faustus perceives time It is to keep temperature rises well below 2˚C, and to strive for below 1.5˚C. She blames him for spoiling her sister’s happiness and for depriving Mr Wickham of his inheritance (lines 54-58, 80-85). Highlighted in pink: refrain Anyway, he is relieved to have done what he had promised. How does the narrator feel? Juliet’s reflection on his life was the Bible. The shock Hamlet receives on the death of his father and re-marriage of his mother is the cause of his melancholy. Strict morality; simple and disciplined This meant that Latin was replaced with English and lay people took the place of monks and priests in these performances, which became known as ‘mystery plays’. process of law, imposed arbitrary taxes and The motto of the Royal Society meaning ‘on the word of no one’. Lord Randal has been hunting in the greenwood and has been poisoned by his ‘true-love’. C The author means that everybody agrees with the fact that a rich man must be in need of a wife, and goes on to create a world in which the opposite is ironically shown to be the case, as the mothers of the area prepare to unleash their daughters in pursuit of the two eligible visitors to the neighbourhood. In the 1160s Henry introduced travelling royal It could also be a metaphor for the time that has passed since the singer last saw his friend. Shelley’s verse covers a wide range of metric and stanzaic forms. Who is speaking? with a forced re-marriage if they did not pay. per le scuole superiori. What happened on the eighth night? Lines 13-15: The beautiful rose must wither. a boy; later he studied at the Royal Academy of the novelist; The spokesman of the middle class. what view of society they had; They regarded society as an evil, corrupting force which restricted the individual personality and freedom. Choose from among the following. What changes are proposed in the third paragraph? The Celtic language remains in Welsh in Wales, and Gaelic in Scotland and Ireland. Most people turn away from the problem of climate change because dealing with it requires changing not just some things but everything. He was an outsider, isolated and attractive at the same time. landlords. Jonathan Harker ‘his face flushed’; ‘in a stupor’, Count Dracula ‘a tall, thin man, clad in black’; ‘scar on his forehead’; ‘a thin stream trickled down (his) bare breast’; ‘his torn-open dress’; ‘hellish look’; ‘His eyes flamed red with devilish passion’; ‘the great nostrils of the white aquiline nose’; ‘the white sharp teeth’; ‘full lips’; ‘blood dripping mouth’, Mrs Harker ‘white-clad figure’; ‘Her white night-dress was smeared with blood’; ‘helpless attitude and disarray’; ‘Her face was ghastly, with a pallor which was accentuated by the blood which smeared her lips and cheeks and chin’; ‘from her throat trickled a thin stream of blood’; ‘Her eyes were mad with terror’; ‘poor crushed hands, which bore on their whiteness the red mark of the Count’s terrible grip’. ‘We’ refers to the actors who act the prologue and the whole play, ‘you’ refers to the audience. To give up his magic powers, to break and bury his wand and to drown his books. Thus he insisted on the need to take a common-sense view of life. When was a church called a ‘cathedral’? From Elizabeth’s point of view. a student who chose the third, but could not What are its main events? She had a claim to the English throne she was a Catholic and became the centre of conspiracies against Elizabeth. the protagonists must fight against external forces that make their relationship difficult, but, unlike the great tragic heroes, they experience no inner struggle. What was Henry VIII like? tapestry, hanging in Bayeux, France, which is He introduced a new concept of history, based on the lives of ordinary people, rather than on those of kings and noblemen. This is because when you are sad, the day always seems longer. Elizabeth is shown carrying a rainbow in her right hand. He was covered only with a blanket wrapped around his waist and a towel around his head and shoulders. at sea was confirmed by the victory of Elizabeth’s what was buried in the barrow A treasure, jewels and necklaces were buried together with what had remained of Beowulf’s corpse after the fire (lines 24-25, 27-28). He seized lands without The angelical woman is the embodiment of both physical and moral perfection. Sorrow (line 7), ambition (line 8) and the boat (line 16). T, The boy will never be able to kiss the girl. Tick the correct answers. Who asks the first three questions? Why are the girls so happy at the end? Swift employed distortion or exaggeration as the main ingredients of satire; the reader is invited to see something very familiar in such a way that it becomes simultaneously ridiculous or even disgusting and yet funny. learning about new places, about the past, about different ways of life and using these as a way of knowing your own life better through contrast and comparisons, silence’ (line 3) ‘perplexed and still’ (line 12) ‘phantom’ (line 13) ‘lone’ (line 14) ‘quiet’ (line 15) ‘empty’ (line 18) ‘lonely’ (line 20) ‘stillness’ (line 22) ‘no one answered’ (line 27) ‘Never the least stir’ (line 29) ‘still’ (line 31) ‘the one man left awake’ (line 32) ‘the silence surged softly backward’ (line 35), James II married the Catholic Mary of Modena and in 1688 he became the father of a Catholic son who took precedence over Mary (James’s Protestant daughter) as James’s successor. Boxes: 1st/2nd/3rd/4th cause of Iago’s jealousy from rage to revenge, Highlighted in pink: causes of Iago’s jealousy Light blue words: Othello’s virtues, that is, the real cause of Iago’s envy Green words: simile between Iago’s jealousy and a poisonous animal. There were an upper stage hidden by a Did you know? What can he see under his feet on the shore? Why does Donne think that ‘Any man’s death diminishes me’ (lines 26-27)? Church schools were opened and a new legal code was created. They lived on farming, hunting, fishing and metalworking. What time of day were the plays performed? From 18th-century novelists she learned the insight into the psychology of the characters and the subtleties of the ordinary events of life, like balls, walks, tea parties and visits to friends and neighbours. He represented the new middle class that wanted to see their life and ideals portrayed in literature. What did the narrator decide to describe? Because as we travel through life, we have to make choices that determine how our life is going to be. She asks Shylock his name and Antonio whether he confirms the written agreement over the debt. How many daughters does the couple have? ‘subscribed’ (line 28). main features: episodic in structure; it is It is his love for Juliet which makes him dynamic and courageous: he risks his life at the Capulets’ house to be near her and later breaks a banishment order risking death, to see her again. The play opens with the prologue in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet spoken by a Chorus. How do the questions differ from the original version? (1549). She refers to him in the third person. the emigration of many dissenters to the New He always held his head high. the Tudors’ view of the world They inherited a general concept of order from the medieval view of the world. His being between life and death, organic and artificial, animate and inanimate. What does Prospero symbolise in this perspective? These lines highlight the consequences of the knight’s dream. He did everything he could for his people, and their grief for his death is clearly pointed out in the last lines of the poem.Burying Beowulf with the treasure he died for is Beowulf’s thanes’ last way to honour him. REVISE the Age of Reason and write down the key words/ideas that best explain its main features. Circle the phrase referred to Geordie’s social class. Everything turns out as he plans until he is finally discovered. Through a dialogue between Lord Randal and his mother. Congreve is satirising behaviour. The awareness of the character’s desperate situation. Words in italics: lines 1, 13, 55-56, 70, 109, Questions: lines 4, 21-22, 68-69, 100, 105, 119. when the Metaphysical poets wrote During the first three-quarters of the 17th century. on others to deal with possible problems. Write a few sentences using some of the adjectives from the box or adding others if you wish. In September of the same year he travelled to Italy in an effort to recover his health but died in Rome in February 1821. Why did he use the expression ‘my journey to nowhere’? The character speaks about his thoughts. It covers about nine days. William and Mary, who were crowned together in 1689 and reigned together. It provides the text with a more complex emotional structure. England in 1823. Unlike Wordsworth, Coleridge did not view nature as a moral guide or a source of consolation and happiness, and he did not identify nature with the divine, in that form of pantheism which Wordsworth adopted. This Daffodils grow best in the shade and where there is water, and so it is not by chance that the flowers are at this particular point in space. Violet words: words marking the beginning What was the economic importance of these lands? The most serious incident was at St Peter’s Fields in Manchester in 1819, where a peaceful crowd, who had come to hear the radical Henry ‘Orator’ Hunt (1773-1835), was fired on by the local militia. France. Merchant. Milton put a great deal What is the name of the castle where the story is set? The plays took place in daylight, usually starting at 2 p.m. because of the absence of electric light. Describe what kind of personality emerges from Manfred’s words. 1st section (lines 1-12): The meeting between a knight and a lady. appear on stage at the same time due to the Parliament abolished the monarchy and declared comely; handsome; perfectly well made; tall; well shaped; straight, strong limbs, manly; sweet, soft features; round and plump, not quite black; very tawny; a bright kind of a dun olive colour; agreeable. In The Rainbow Portrait there are many symbols: the rainbow, which stands for peace and prosperity the eyes and ears embroidered on the queen’s mantle, which symbolise her ability to know everything through her subjects the snake on the sleeve, which stands for wisdom. Gulliver is referred to as ‘the Great Man-Mountain’. Student’s activity. of Lords was abolished and censorship was He has experienced both good and evil but they have passed through him like water passes through the sand. Parents: Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-97) and In 1801 the Act of Union joined Ireland and Britain to form the new United Kingdom. Wiglaf, Beowulf’s faithful retainer, the queen, her daughter and lots of mourners. His longing for her was so great that he thought if he looked at her, he might throw himself through the window to grab her and take her away. Only when circumstances force him to think, does Gulliver learn something and begin to develop a critical awareness of the limitations of European values. In an unexpected way, so as to surprise the reader. It is still considered relevant because it is a cornerstone of the individual liberties that we enjoy today and a foundation of democracy as well. the code of courtly love. The king raised He is, like Robinson Crusoe, one of the practical seamen through whom England started to rule the seas. What was Danegeld? The myth of Faust, Milton, the Gothic novel, It deals with love and their desire to be married. When the poet saw the daffodils, he ‘little thought’ (line 17) about what they meant to him. Why is the word ‘Traveller’ written with a capital letter? When a sufficient opening had been made, he thrust inside a covered lantern (lines 15-25). / All the planes we flew / Good things we’ve been through’, ‘Everything I went through you were standing there by my side’, ‘A friendship turn to a bond’. One of the greatest Roman engineering projects, The author of The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, description of characters: names, personalities, long narrative poetical composition, type-scenes, lyrical poem, usually in the form of a dramatic monologue, dialogue and narration, a series of rapid flashes, narrator, setting in time and place, description of characters, aristocratic and military society, heroes, members of the family, outlaws, supernatural creatures, representatives of the gentry, clergy and middle classes, good vs evil, the glorious past, celebration of the brave deeds of heroes, the loss of friendship, favour and past splendour, and of one’s place within the community, the spiritual journey, criticism of society, vivid, elevated language, caesura, alliteration, kenning, vivid, descriptive language, active images, alliteration, rhyming couplets, humour, irony and satire, to provide a moving view of the human condition. At the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066, Harold was killed and the Anglo-Saxons were conquered by the Normans. T, The boy will never stop playing his music. The desire to become ‘a part’ of the ‘mountains’ is an important aspect of the Romantic period. He sold his pen to the political party which governed the country. the setting in place and time; ‘the burial ground’ (line 1), at dusk (‘fading light’, line 6). Because as a member of the Church he shares the life of the community. the length of the play. of Oxford and Cambridge, while Sir Thomas More 1756 William Pitt became Prime Minister and the This justifies Prospero’s change of attitude towards him, Highlighted in grey:aknowledgement by Caliban of Prospero’s power: he submits to him but only out of fear. There are short lines and broken bits of dialogue. Robinson Crusoe He contributed to the Lyrical Ballads. ‘Primary imagination’ can be experienced by every human being; it is linked to perceptions; it is an unconscious process; it manifests itself through images which recall relevant sensorial experiences that happened in the past. the camera movements: The camera is fixed. What happened to the English ruling class after the Norman Conquest? The Church educated the people and offered them efficient public administration. Causes of the revolution: James II placed Catholics in positions of authority in the army and universities. Thus the king or the queen became the symbol of stability and unity, and the murder of the king/queen was considered as an act against nature which would lead to chaos and disorder. What were the main reasons for the defeat of the Spanish Armada? It is imagination that enables man to enter into and give life and significance to the world. Shakespeare used soliloquies, asides, introductory passages spoken in a prologue or by chorus, funeral orations and death-bed speeches. Personality: she got angry easily if someone Why is Mrs Bennet apparently annoyed with her husband? Be sure to include your e-mail address in the text of your letter for a prompt reply. What poetic device does the poet use? It was roofed and artificially lit with candles. The paradox of love is that it is supremely free but ties us with bonds stronger than death. F Anglo-Saxon literature was anonymous and it was sung by the scops. Who disguises herself as a lawyer? It evolved in France during the 12th century and was gradually absorbed in Britain. What strikes about these requests is that they are all impossible or absurd. This is a trick question, as all three answers are possible. duty of military service was replaced with a tax Tick as appropriate. when the scene takes place; It takes place at night. Who marries Romeo and Juliet? 2nd section (lines 15-31): Shylock curses his daughter for fleeing his house. A positive change towards a better world and greater sustainability. F She wishes to leave for Cyprus with her husband. What themes are developed? He kept her arms at full tension with his left hand, while with his right hand he gripped her by the back of the neck, forcing her face down on his bosom. They try to avoid showing what they really think. What are its most important stylistic features? to arrest its five most extreme MPs, but What effect does spring have on people? Robinson. It helps create a delicate atmosphere and a feeling of accomplishment when the two young lovers finally kiss each other. How is the deal flexible towards developing nations? what feelings and sensations she arouses in the narrator. The concept of salvation and God’s grace, the search for God’s will in everyday life, the analytical approach to reality and the belief in hard work as a way to increase the gifts that God has given men. The main characters are Mirabell and Millamant. 1640 Charles I summoned the so-called Short Highlight the connotation of the word ‘Gothic’. He is the [non]-revenger in a revenge play, the [non]-heir to the throne, the [non]-lover of the heroine, the [non]-son to the [non]-father. What is the sea a symbol of? His idea of imagination was twofold: first, the world of his poetry is artificial, one that he imagines; second, his poetry comes from imagination, meaning that most of his work, even most of the odes, is a vision of what he would like human life to be, stimulated by his own experience of pain and misery. Again they should try to justify their opinion with examples, which can be from TV and films. Why is Elizabeth regarded as one of the greatest of English rulers? curtain. This influenced the emerging of the figure of the gentleman. Because it does not appear to fit with reason and logic. an inner stage, which was used for discoveries Performer Fce Tutor Soluzioni Esercizi 1000 free eBooks for you to download. Through this altered perspective, Swift can manipulate Gulliver’s reactions to the changing circumstances in order to highlight his satiric points in a very humorous way. Who is Prospero’s brother: Sebastian, Alonso or Antonio? The time and locality were usually mentioned in the dialogue. The sestet starts with the contrast between the urn and mankind and ends with Keats’s concept of art and imagination. A break that divides a line into two halves. He challenged the concept of ideal love and the image of the woman as a remote goddess. As he needed The old man is going to retire from politics. In contrast to Wordsworth’s preoccupation with subjects from ordinary life, his own task was to write about extraordinary events in a credible way. What does Portia mean in line 31? 1792 The French abolished the monarchy and declared their country a republic, 1793 The French royal family and thousands of people considered as enemies of the Revolution were executed during a period called the ‘Reign of Terror’. The poet is speaking, probably with his errand man. However, they do also have limitations: they may Her treatment of love and sexual attraction is in line with her general view that strong impulses and intensely emotional states should be regulated, controlled and brought to order by private reflection. The moment in which Harold was hit in the eye by an arrow. Anglo-Saxon literature was written by the scops. Student’s activity. In Manfred Byron explores the theme of the overreacher. He invited scholars from the continent and commissioned the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. After his disillusionment with the French Revolution, he and the poet Robert Southey (1774-1843) planned to move to America and to establish a utopian community in Pennsylvania, called ‘Pantisocracy’, where every economic activity would be done as a community, and private ownership would not exist.

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