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38 29540 2 settimane fa da 1Lory8. The big new feature is Volta Football, and while it's a fun distraction, it's not quite as engaging as its FIFA Street predecessors. There aren’t any groundbreaking steps that were taken to enhance the overall experience, but I don’t think FIFA needs that just yet. I’m not sold on all the gameplay tweaks, however, and the additions to Career mode feel slightly dull. L'immagine è virale, Diego Armando Maradona ci ha lasciato e FIFA 21 ricorda la leggenda del Pibe de Oro, Ibrahimovic attacca FIFA 21 ed EA: 'chi vi ha dato il permesso di usare il mio nome e la mia faccia? Although the core gameplay isn’t mind-blowingly different, it’s still the best football game, and the addition of VOLTA is a whole new way to play. FIFA 20 is virtual football in its most spectacular form. 99. FIFA 2020 builds off the success of previous installments. Scopriamolo insieme! Volta is also a fantastic addition and the jewel in FIFA 20’s crown because of its an exciting, bold approach that elevates the experience wonderfully. It's a good job FIFA still plays well, because as a package, it's robust but frustratingly shoddy. While the gameplay in FIFA 20 isn’t a massive upgrade over FIFA 19, it is a superior title and one of the best football games you’ll play. Unfortunately - the biggest flaws that have existed in the series for years are still here - painfully schematic gameplay doesn't promote creativity, and the artificial intelligence doesn't deserve the name. Again, an arcade game with anti-physical reactions that hooks players with UT, EA excels at every game manipulating games and player mentality. FIFA 20 PLAYER RATINGS. FIFA 20 offers more of the same: lots of game modes, licenses and FUT, that will be the protagonist in the coming months, but also Volta, that surprises and can even be considered as a stand-alone game. Anche FIFA 20 seguirà questa tradizione ed i giocatori potranno investire denaro reale per portarsi a casa i famosi pacchetti della modalità FIFA Ultimate Team. It plays a solid game of virtual football, and if you're mostly focused on online modes, there's plenty to do. FIFA 20 is one of the most complete football experiences out there and an unskippable entry for the fans. Volta is a significant addition to FIFA and while it doesn’t all hit the right notes, it’s a largely enjoyable way to play a wealth of content, including a story mode that’s more concise and engaging than The Journey. Combine this with the aggressive monetization that comes with the Ultimate Team mode and what you get is probably the worst FIFA game in recent years. Career mode gets a much needed upgrade while the gameplay has been tweaked enough to feel like a challenge again. Volta is a great, nostalgic innovation for the series that alone is enough to justify jumping back into FIFA, even if it comes off as a pleasant afterthought given the continued focus on Ultimate Team. FIFA 20 brings the franchise back to great form after last year's minor deviation. News, Recensioni, Anteprime e molto altro ancora. All this publication's reviews FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Points 1050 - [Xbox One Digital Code] ESRB Rating: Everyone | Sep 19, 2019 | by Electronic Arts. FIFA 20 has some refreshing new features. New game modes, animations, and improved player and ball physics make this the best soccer game on the market. The great star of this edition is, without a doubt, VOLTA, a football mode in the best FIFA Street style that leaves very good sensations and prepares a field that has never been explored by the saga. A few upgrades and minor setbacks, make FIFA 20 a football simulation - still worth playing. Fifa 20 can be seen as Fifa 19: part 2. FIFA 20 floods the player with content and so many things to do, so many way to play. Elsewhere, improvements have been made to the core FIFA 20 experience, especially when it comes to defending, but overall controlling the ball feels less consistently fluid. For someone not attracted by the allure of Volta, the stilted pace, coupled with a neglect of offline modes such as Career, make it FIFA 20 an adequate but underwhelming entry into the series. (Image credit: EA) Un altro effetto della revisione al ritmo di gioco, al fine di renderlo più realistico, è che in FIFA 20 c'è … 62 Critic Reviews, Overwhelming dislike- based on 3507 Ratings. even better than anyone dared Pure speed, sensational counter football, and childish dances after a goal predominate. The developers in charge of gameplay have done just about all they can do to make this title a joy on the virtual pitch. The Journey and FIFA Street will continue to be missed, but Volta offers a genuinely different option for those who want to dip in and out across FIFA's smorgasboard of game types, while Ultimate Team continues its route to world domination. Volta makes for a great addition, and offsets the lack of progress in Career mode. feedback – with Volta mode Customization to modes like Volta, career mode and Pro Clubs is a step in the right direction, but FIFA 20 does little to flesh out features like press conferences and make them have more of a real impact. Although the game still lacks a real gut punch of a story and there are some weird oversights and glitches throughout, there is a ton of customization and the Volta game mode has injected a fresh new feel to the franchise. FIFA 20, i commenti dei lettori. Con l’accusa di aver implementato in FUT – Fifa Ultima Team – un sistema paragonabile al gioco d’azzardo. But this franchise needs a revolution in its gameplay. FIFA 20 sarà disponibile su PC, Xbox One e PS4. FIFA 20 is pretty much what you'd expect from a new FIFA game. I commenti ora sono chiusi. They're shills paid. FIFA 20 e il calciatore gigante, storia di un bug diventato leggenda; FIFA 20: il Title Update 21 è disponibile su PC, presto su PS4 e Xbox One FIFA 20 doesn't reinvent the game of soccer, but it does an admirable job of reinventing how its played. But the overall FIFA experience is starting to creak, despite an impressive array of bells and whistles. FIFA 20 is one of the most balanced games in the series to date, and has finally slowed its frantic gameplay down a bit, but is not reinventing any of its modes and core mechanics as it looks like a transition title. FIFA 20 has its strengths in terms of modes, with Volta being the best addition in last years. Powered by Frostbite™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 for PC brings two sides of The World’s Game to life: the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA FOOTBALL. Pretty much every action in the mode, from playing games to listing items on the transfer market, now accrues XP which in turn unlocks rewards, ranging from new stadium decorations to coins, packs and, ultimately limited edition players. FIFA 20 ha sempre cercato di offrire la simulazione calcistica più realistica e quest’anno si è avvicinata maggiormente all’obiettivo. 0 110 2 settimane fa da zara108. FIFA 20 scores above all with its scope, because with its numerous competitions and licensed teams you get the full package here. The next-generation of home consoles is approaching, and I can’t tell if EA has run out of ideas or is running out the clock. This year’s FIFA belongs among the vanquished. But the spectacular fast-paced gameplay that especially leans on tricks, tends to be a bit too arcade-y and therefore loses its touch with the essence of real football. Football fans have two great games to enjoy this year. The new additions to Fifa 20 elevate it above “standard annual update” fare. It’s shortcomings are because of a lack of innovative improvements to core modes. All of this results in a brilliant and highly accessible version of the annual football frenzy. This publication does not provide a score for their reviews. 0 34 3 settimane fa … PC Download $9.99 $ 9. The multitude of strange passes and the unbalanced dribbling system are the main culprits. The very new game mode Volta brings the street soccer back to videogames and it's simply a love letter to the spirit of football lived as fun. FIFA 20 doesn't stand out compared with its predecessor because it barely has no innovative improvements. Consultare recensioni obiettive e imparziali sui prodotti, fornite dagli utenti. But there’s nothing really new, which means that even the flaws from the previous game are still here. Continue disconessioni Oggi 28 dicembre il gioco non funziona piu' 0 Sheva_Nos. Bene, Fifa si può prenotare praticamente ovunque, ma noi consigliamo di preordinarlo qui su Amazon, così facendo lo riceverai direttamente a casa tua in tempi record! Tante le novità che sono state mostrate e tante quelle che scopriremo nel corso dell’estate 2019. I see all these comments saying not to listen to the criticism. Meanwhile, Career Mode has seen a bunch of improvements, but a shocking number of bugs currently cripple the experience. In questi ultimi anni Electronic Arts è stata al centro di numerose polemiche riguardo la sua tendenza ad abusare delle politiche di monetizzazione, tramite l'inserimento di microtransazioni nei suoi giochi. EA is losing the race to Konami, at least in this generation of consoles, where they used to dominate. The changes to the game structure do not distort a tried and tested system that is quite spectacular and favors the attack on the defense. FIFA 21 per PS5 e Xbox Series X/S più 'brutto' di FIFA 17? Not all of FIFA 20’s new features work. 99. Despite some changes, some of the frustrations from the previous part remain. For years fans have been yearning for EA to make some much needed changes to their FIFA formula and this year they tried to step outside their comfort zone just a little. Fifa 20: ecco le ultime novità sulla patch 1.20 Dopo il successo ottenuto nell'ultimo anno, Fifa 20 si aggiorna nuovamente alla versione 1.20. I bug di FIFA 20 presenti al lancio della più recente incarnazione della saga calcistica di EA Sports non erano di certo pochi. Find out how you can play FIFA 20 first here. FIFA 20 è arrivato ma i fan del famoso simulatore calcistico di EA Sports non sembrano essere così soddisfatti: diversi problemi e malfunzionamenti affliggono la modalità Carriera, una delle più apprezzate dagli utenti, ma non solo.. Negli ultimi giorni Electronic Arts ha rilasciato importanti novità ed informazioni su ciò che la carriera allenatore comprenderà nel suo prossimo titolo targato FIFA, ovviamente tra le sempre presenti critiche e capricci da differenti specie di bamboccioni. Despite this, FIFA 20 remains the best way to experience soccer in a game. These elements render each FIFA a much less compelling experience. Microtransactions remain a scourge that should be exterminated, but if you can ignore them, there's a lot to love about the new FIFA. The restoration (in all but name) of FIFA Street and long-awaited upgrade to career mode finally make FIFA a game worth exploring beyond Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is, on the other hand, even more fun, but is also one of the worst examples of loot box economy. L’aggiornamento dovrebbe essere già disponibile su PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One: fateci sapere con un commento se, una volta installato, notate dei miglioramenti sia sotto il profilo della giocabilità che sul piano dei contenuti, specie in considerazione delle recenti critiche sui bug della Carriera di FIFA 20. EA excels at every game manipulating games and player mentality. It makes a few minor adjustments to the formula without breaking what’s worked for the series over the years. Perhaps a few years into the future, they can look to make some major changes, but like I said before, their formula (the way the game plays) is working and it would be foolish to drift away from it. [12/2019, p.67]. PS4 Digital Code $9.99 $ 9. In termini di ricompense e nuovi modi per ottenere contenuti, abbiamo ottenuto un buon bilanciamento per quanto riguarda i modi di ottenere ricompense durante il gioco.". Both series are in need of a fresh shot of adrenaline (and a fresh coat of paint), and they were never going to get it in 2019, in the twilight of the sixth console generation. Si poteva fare di più? Career Mode full of bugs, bland Volta instead of the much better Journey and worse gameplay than last year to boot. EA: Fifa 20 ha smesso di funzionare, tempestive le critiche ricevute sui social. FIFA 20 remains a gorgeous and fun-to-play football game that’s as addictive as ever. It’s still good, there’s lots to be found inside and it will no doubt keep you busy for hours on end, but there's just not the same magic inside as there is on the outside. Destinato, ovviamente, alle fasce più deboli. Volta can’t utilize the fresh potential of street football enough while on the pitch the balance between offense and defense is missing. EA Just gives us the same game every year with some minor changes no one cares about. Una raccolta delle notizie più importanti della giornata, tutte le sere alle 18.00. FIFA 20 revives the old Street series with a new mode featuring futsal and outdoor soccer, but it's the core gameplay that shines brightest this year, bringing down the pace in a way that feels nuanced and enjoyable. Flawed and iterative, but comforting, complete, and compelling, FIFA 20 is as frustrating and as essential as ever. That keeps it as a really good game, but a notch below great. This year's strategy for FIFA 20 defines what we can call a base game, unfortunately, everything else feels uninspired except for VOLTA. FIFA 20 is fun, which is the most important thing. Subtle improvements round out an overall impressive package. From the top 100 players in world football to 5* skillers and FUT ICONS, check out the official FIFA 20 Player Ratings. EA Sports totally hits the spot with FIFA 20. Dopo le numerose critiche anche a tratti forti da parte di player occasionali ed assidui sul gameplay di FIFA 19, EA Sports ha ufficialmente comunicato che verranno portate cospicue novità a livello di intelligenza artificiale e di gameplay appunto. Bring both sides of The World's Game to life in FIFA 20. With additional updates to Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team, this year's version is easy to recommend to lapsed fans and newcomers alike. FIFA 20 takes everything good from previous years and adds the futsal with Volta Football, its new and exciting story mode. Metacritic Game Reviews, FIFA 20 for PC, Enjoy more control over the Decisive Moments that determine the outcome of every match in FIFA 20. Volta is an interesting alternative to traditional gameplay. FIFA 20 looks like another step up for the FIFA franchise, even if probably not so wide and brave as we could expect. I see all these comments saying not to listen to the criticism. A tal proposito è intervenuto il producer Gareth Reeder durante una recente intervista, ed ha affermato che questo genere di manovre (l'inserimento di microtranzioni e le relative polemiche) rappresentano una sfida per gli sviluppatori: "Il feedback è sempre una buona cosa, guardiamo all'industria, guardiamo vero quello che le persone fanno. The EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Legacy Edition will also be available September 27 on Nintendo Switch™. FIFA 20 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series. Wait for FIFA 20 to be patched before tying your laces. EA has delivered another worthwhile FIFA package, but while Street Football and FUT seasons breathe new life into some areas, others remain stagnant and barely improved. FIFA 20 stagnates on a solid level. ', NBA 2K21 non solo è venduto a prezzo pieno ma ha anche delle pubblicità in-game impossibili da evitare. FIFA 20: ecco cosa includerà l'edizione per Nintendo Switch - La Legacy Edition della simulazione calcistica di EA proporrà dei contenuti diversi, ma non per questo meno importanti That is not criticism, it's a statement. Novità al gameplay e IA di FIFA 20. FIFA 20 is a gift wrapped with flair and flamboyance on the outside. FIFA 20 still retains its enormous content and its pool of official licensing, but overall the experience feels dated, and the minor improvements made by the devs can't rejuvenate the formula enough. While FIFA 20 is bogged down by the same issues that have plagued it for years, it does enough to set itself apart as a worthy installment. It isn't perfect and career mode still has a lot that can be addressed, but EA listened and made upgrades beyond a roster update. FIFA 20, quattro cardini per un'esperienza più realistica - Electronic Arts svela le migliorie principali che renderanno più vario e intrigante il suo simulatore calcistico The addition of Volta adds some much-needed variety and the quick matches filled with skills and elaborate game celebrations are fun. FIFA Ultimate Team continues to march on and grow, card packs and all, while the core gameplay has been tweaked, making attacking play feel great as you rip defences apart. It's the same as fifa 19 with the exception of a gimicky game mode which will get boring after a couple of days.. Not to mention P2W and handicapping being just as prevalent this year. © 2020 Gamer Network. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The content offer is wide, with a series of (interesting) variants that unfortunately risk falling into oblivion very soon, swallowed up by that bottomless well that meets the name of Ultimate Team. Scopriamo di seguito maggiori dettagli a riguardo. With VOLTA and many minor tweaks and adjustments, FIFA 20 is a really enjoyable football experience. The overwhelming impression I got playing both games this year is that they’re just tired. Our advice? FIFA 20 doesn't reinvent the game of soccer, but it does an admirable job of reinventing how its played. console’s best-selling sports At least until the next generation, this one will have to suffice. Xbox One Digital Code $9.89 $ 9. based on The Journey is sorely missed in FIFA 20, as the story we get instead simply isn’t up to the high standard of its predecessors. FIFA 20 is a better football simulation in overall compared to FIFA 19, but it’s still lagging behind its main competitor greatly. Eurogamer è il più grande portale d'Europa dedicato al mondo dei videogiochi. Nessuna parte di questo sito o dei suoi contenuti può essere riprodotta senza il consenso del detentore del copyright. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. [Issue#168, p.83]. The most complete game of the saga. Chief among which the new Volta mode, which takes the franchise to the streets like never before. See Player Ratings * REQUIRES FIFA 20 ON APPLICABLE PLATFORM (SOLD SEPARATELY), ALL GAME UPDATES AND INTERNET CONNECTION. This is a game with meaningful, welcome changes on the pitch. FIFA 20 Champions Edition (Xbox One) It is really nice to beat an opponent with a lot of show, but Fifa has not much to do with "real" football this year. Fifa online 2vs2 1 zbehar97. We can only hope that this year’s stagnation is just a result of something bigger and better coming along next year. Unfortunately career mode and FUT didn't change that much. ... manifestare la propria insoddisfazione per il lavoro svolto da EA Sports nel dare forma al primo capitolo crossgen di FIFA. These unscored reviews do not factor into the Metascore calculation. Volta Football is a fun new addition for you to play online or with friends though. Consultare utili recensioni cliente e valutazioni per FIFA 20 - Legacy - Nintendo Switch su It's just a shame Career Mode continues to stagnate--even if EA has finally remembered it exists. With Sony and Microsoft preparing for next-generation consoles, players can only hope that the FIFA franchise also decides to evolve and significantly revamps the single-player experience next year. It isn’t a masterpiece but it’s a massive improvement on FIFA 19, with a sprinkling of new features – Volta in particular – that should lay the foundations for the series’ future. Naturalmente sono stati molti i giocatori contrariati vero tale scelta, e che hanno deciso di farsi sentire sui canali social del gioco e della compagnia. FIFA 21 FUT ha un inaspettato miglior giocatore al mondo su PlayStation: Diogo Jota del Liverpool! Cosa ne pensano i lettori dell'ultimo capitolo di FIFA? Cresce l’attesa per FIFA 20. Putting all this on the table, FIFA 20 is a highly recommended delivery to make time and enjoy a fun game before the big jump to next-generation consoles. While the more story-driven experience of the new Volta mode definitely makes for an ambitious soccer game, it’s too bad that the story itself is so monotonous. Un calciatore di talento che straccia tutti anche nei videogiochi. Players will quickly realize how similar the interface is to FIFA 19 in several modes and will be yearning for the franchise to receive a complete overhaul. If demand were to go down, that would be the time to make appropriate adjustments. game, mostly driven by fan Anyway, gameplaywise the new physics, the slower pace and a solid 1 on 1 defense open a whole new world in terms of approach and styles of play. Topic dedicato alle guide del modulo 4-3-1-2  Grafica Modulo nello spoiler  Nascondi Contenuto Nota Bene   I post contenenti una guida dedicata a questo modulo devo seguire uno schema ben preciso al fine di rendere la consultazione il … They're shills paid to promote and defend the game.. Again, an arcade game with anti-physical reactions that hooks players with UT like crack, a big slot machine, Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, 2021 Sundance Film Festival: Best and Worst Films, PS Now, PS Plus, and Other New Free PS4 Games, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Other offline modes like Pro Clubs and Career continue to be ignored. This publication has not posted a final review score yet. Nascondi i commenti coi punteggi più bassi, Spider-Man Miles Morales - Guida Completa, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team - la guida definitiva per vincere a FUT. Le forti critiche ad Electronic Arts per la modalità Fifa Ultimate Team durano ormai da diversi anni da parte dei Fan […] Well i'll tell you not to listen to these 5 star comments. The most ingenious/insidious (delete according to taste) addition is the confusingly titled Season Objectives, which have nothing to do with the football calendar and instead are a version of Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Yet, the new VOLTA mode brings quite enough to justify this year's release. - A lot of work has gone into this version of FIFA, with an abundance of gameplay improvements, quality of live improvements and the festive new street football mode Volta. The gameplay comes up just short of carrying the title, and while Ultimate Team is engaging in its own way, it’s the same grind it’s always been. The visuals also lag behind other AAA sports titles. FIFA 21 è 'troppo simile' a FIFA 20? Well i'll tell you not to listen to these 5 star comments. FIFA 20 introduces a hefty amount of novelties and pretty much all of them are successful - especially the Volta can give tons of fun. 89. The new Volta mode is surely a welcomed addition that we expect it to grow in the following years, but besides that and the always superb presentation and overall rich content, FIFA 20 seems stale and not able to take some bold steps forward. expect. Fifa 20 - Fifa Ultimate Team - Cambiare nome club [1; 2] 17 GioSquadda. The impression is that a bit more courage would be needed to review some mechanics and get rid of some historical problems (for example the speed, both of the maneuvers and some players), even if on the whole gameplay is quite enjoyable. FIFA Ultimate Team is once again the best feature of EA Sports’ game, and the main reason why PES – even while offering the best gameplay in history – will never be able to compete with FIFA. Still, if you’ve picked up FIFA every year then you’re most likely going to like what’s on offer here, even if the package feels very familiar. But for everything that it gets right on the pitch, this year's instalment seriously struggles to make a case for itself at launch. An above-par upgrade for the It still needs to improve in a few areas - Career mode, in particular - but new additions such as VOLTA and House Rules FUT are title-winning prospects. Generally favorable reviews When you unwrap it, rather than it brimming to the full, it leaves you a little underwhelmed. FIFA 20 does not change the formula that has led the EA series to excel in the football category for years. New FIFA installment, does not bring much to the table of the hungry fans. Cosa ne pensate delle dichiarazioni di Reeder? FIFA 2020 is a return to form for EA's blockbuster sports series. Add that to a wide selection of game modes and a better FUT experience than ever before and despite its shortfalls FIFA 20 is definitely one of the better games from the franchise in recent years. Fifa 20 is all confetti. Ultimate Team hits new heights but it is, as always, undermined by pay to win microtransactions, and Volta is fun but it's definitely not the headline act that EA wants it to be. The total package in FIFA 20 is large as usual and the game looks great. Altri contenuti per FIFA 20. Its successor, FIFA 21, was released on the 9 October 2020. 4.0 out of 5 stars 27. FIFA may be more popular than ever, but FIFA 20 is a standard bearer with no clear focus. Volta doesn’t have the personality to make a lasting impression and defending hasn’t received the overhaul it needs but Ultimate Team and Career Mode have been made more engaging and gameplay is more balanced than it has been for a long, long time. It is the 27th installment in the FIFA series, and was released on 27 September 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The new Volta mode is loads of fun, especially with some mates. When you've just taken an entire team apart with a perfectly paced counter-attack, FIFA 20 feels as satisfying as ever. ", "Cercheremo sempre di assicurare il giusto bilanciamento, la natura della nostra economia si basa sul fatto che il gioco è valido per tutto l'anno, dunque vogliamo assicurarci che sia disponibile la giusta dose di contenuti. FIFA 20 dove prenotare? FIFA 20 is not an overhaul for the series, but combines its top tier core gameplay with some neat additions such as the fun Volta game mode. Gran Turismo Sport raggiunge i 9,5 milioni di giocatori, parla Yamauchi, NBA 2K21 ha venduto ben 8 milioni di copie nonostante l'aumento a €80 per le versioni next-gen, Blood Bowl 3 ha una finestra d'uscita e un nuovo trailer, FIFA 21 è il gioco più venduto del 2020 in tutti i Paesi d'Europa tranne uno. EA Sports has managed to introduce many new features in FIFA 20, some better than others of course. VOLTA Football is incredibly fun and a throwback to FIFA Street. The fresh lick of paint to Career Mode and Ultimate Team have made already excellent modes even better and the sheer volume of licensed teams, stadiums, and more makes for an impressively authentic experience, too. Nor should we forget the changes implemented on the field of play, which are several and almost all satisfactory. FIFA 20 ed Electronic Arts potrebbero essere portati in tribunale. Similarly, the company's intention to not fall asleep is appreciated. Grazie per avere partecipato! FIFA 20's excellent Volta mode, engaging changes to Ultimate Team, and potentially cool features to Career Mode don't make up for subpar soccer gameplay. On one hand, they have refined the gameplay to make it more real and solve some issues that tainted the past. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. On the other hand, they have incorporated Volta, which acts as a game within the game and manages to offer all of the FIFA Street essence that adds as much depth to its gameplay as it does to the game modes and the overall experience. New game modes, animations, and improved player and ball physics make this the best soccer game on the market. Oggi parliamo del videogioco sportivo di maggiore successo di sempre, FIFA, andando a vedere dove è possibile prenotarlo per averlo subito appena uscito! Prime Gaming continues to include a free monthly Twitch channel subscription, tons of free content in your favorite games, 5+ free PC games every month, and more with your Amazon Prime membership. Lo scorso anno abbiamo reso pubbliche le probabilità relative ai pacchetti... ed è stata la nostra reazione a questo, abbiamo semplicemente ascoltato le persone e fornito tutte le informazioni necessarie. It may not be a tremendous shift in the landscape of soccer titles, but FIFA 20 has certainly proved to be a fertile ground for experimentation within EA Sports. FIFA 20 doesn't make any revolution and maintains the philosophy adopted by the series in recent years, smoothing out some mechanics of its predecessor which were abused last year. This is a fun football video game made by developers who clearly love football and are well aware of community feedback. FIFA 20: il producer risponde alle critiche mosse verso le microtransazioni di Ultimate Team La parola a Gareth Reeder. FIFA 20, una Carriera ricca di novità Una delle critiche principali alla modalità Carriera di FIFA era la mancanza di sviluppo nelle storyline, con quei plot twist che tanto piacciono ai videogiocatori – e agli appassionati di serie tv.

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