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And this does not have a blacklist or whitelist. NewPipe is a Freeware Open Source lightweight YouTube App. You'll usually find it in the app … Now, when it is installed, you cannot do a lot against it with OpenDNS. Download de officiële YouTube-app voor Android-apparaten. As I have said twice, I have these identified domains to block youtube altogether so these domains work. Regardless of how you think things should work or be displayed, a "normal" OpenDNS account is not compatible with LPC. They own many domains, many of which also use subdomains to manage and provide all of their services, and it's not always obvious what goes with what. Remember to Enable OpenDNS afterwards if you disable it! The fact that Google uses multiple sets of domains for the web browser, and apparently different domains for different apps on various different OS'es like Android, iOS or Windows, and sometimes even different versions of the app makes it more difficult and never certain. In a nutshell, OpenDNS is a DNS service, and only knows about domains, not websites, webpages, content, images, apps, URL's, or anything that is not strictly and only a domain. iTube HD Video Downloader is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and Windows XP or later. The router function doesn't work because they don't bother blocking DNS, they do packet inspection on http and block it on the URL. They own many domains, many of which also use subdomains to manage … YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that helps users to watch, like, comment and upload any videos. And while I can setup my own DNS server to solve this, the entire point of both the Netgear solution and the OpenDNS solution was to avoid having to do exactly that. This makes it very difficult to block or allow any google properties using a DNS based system, which is one reason there are so many questions here regarding google domains. Click “Download” and you’ll see the list with all available links. If you want to hide it from your kids anyway, put it in some folder and use the search function in the start key to search for it. had a built-in open dns client) I created a open dns account, provided the account details into my R7000. However, I recently upgraded my router to a Netgear R8000 and I am trying to use the built in parental controls / Netgenie and have been unable to block Youtube with the methods mentioned above. I then logged into it via the web portal on my router from my laptop. In general this seems like a general failure of Netgear's poor software rather than OpenDNS, but not entirely. Perhaps one of them will give you enough information on blacklisting a set of domains that will work for you. You can access the video from desktop PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. Even more, when using LPC, you must delete any network from https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/ Your LPC dashboard is only at https://netgear.opendns.com/ ! Ensuite, sélectionnez. NewPipe is a Freeware Open Source lightweight YouTube App. Ontdek waar de rest van de wereld naar kijkt, van de populairste muziekvideo's tot het beste van dit moment op het gebied van games, entertainment, nieuws en meer. The IP address of your router, if you have configured OpenDNS DNS servers on it, or else just leave the IP address of an OpenDNS server, 3. Start connecting with the growing community of VR creators on YouTube. This can only help improve the 'video sharing' category and opendns as a whole if 'video sharing' blocks more than what it started with right? I agree with Greg, if video sharing is selected this should block these domains and any domains that would normally allow video sharing/streaming! At any rate, any advice would be greatly appreciated regarding how I can block youtube on an Ipad utilizing my Netgear R8000 and netgear.opendns.com. Learn how to download YouTube video directly from URL on Android, iOS and Windows. Elle a plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans la création de la documentation technique et la direction des équipes de soutien des grandes entreprises de logiciels et d'hébergement WEB. These are incompatible! If the blacklist/whitelist functionality doesn't work with Netgear's routers, it shouldn't be part of the control panel (and yes, it is). Rédactrice et réviseuse spécialisée en technologie, En navigant sur notre site, vous acceptez notre, {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/www.wikihow.com\/images_en\/thumb\/6\/6f\/Copy-a-URL-on-the-YouTube-App-on-Android-Step-1.jpg\/v4-460px-Copy-a-URL-on-the-YouTube-App-on-Android-Step-1.jpg","bigUrl":"https:\/\/www.wikihow.com\/images\/thumb\/6\/6f\/Copy-a-URL-on-the-YouTube-App-on-Android-Step-1.jpg\/v4-728px-Copy-a-URL-on-the-YouTube-App-on-Android-Step-1.jpg","smallWidth":460,"smallHeight":345,"bigWidth":728,"bigHeight":546,"licensing":"

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<\/div>"}, Comment copier l'URL d'une vidéo de YouTube sous Android, copiar un URL desde la aplicación YouTube en un dispositivo con Android, Copiar um URL no Aplicativo do YouTube no Android, Copiare un URL sull'Applicazione di YouTube (Android), Unter Android in der YouTube App eine URL kopieren, скопировать адрес в приложении YouTube на Android, Menyalin URL pada Aplikasi YouTube di Perangkat Android. Unfortunately Google doesn't make any of this information available, which makes it even more opaque. From the way the app look and the content we had from the beginning to now, I'd say they've taken huge leaps towards providing more updates and putting out way more content than last year. As a side note, it seems like blocking the Youtube app on Ipads and Iphones is a common question in these forums, is there a reason why OpenDNS does not block youtube.com, ytimg.com, s.ytimg.com, and googlevideo.com by default when "Video Sharing" is selected to block? Comment copier l'URL d'une vidéo de YouTube sous Android. Unfortunately, since Google changes things periodically I wouldn't be confident that anything older than 6 months or so is still valid. This very same issue has been discussed several times in other threads. Same here. If an app doesn't use domains then OpenDNS cannot block it? URL Snooper permet de récupérer les liens (souvent cachés) des fichiers audio et vidéo contenus sur une page Web, afin de les enregistrer. It doesn't matter how you feel. Since my router supported (ie. Please help me out that how to completely block facebook. You need to delete the OpenDNS network that this LPC router is connecting to if you want LPC to work reliably and consistently for you. Ha Ha Ha. Youtube (and by extension Google) is much more complicated. That's the fault! You can save the file anywhere. Long story short, these apps can be blocked on the video sharing category if someone identifies the particular set of domains used for a specific app, tags them in OpenDNS, and it then receives enough votes that it's approved. I said it makes sense, no need to go and get defensive. Open YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. Didn't know? This did work but not completely. That will take you to https://community.opendns.com/ where you can read all about tagging, vote on existing submissions, and submit domains of your own. Get started Implementation guide. This blocks only this, not the main domain and not any other subdomains of it. There are 3 parameters to replace at the beginning of the file. BUT -  I am simply trying to say that this issue with Youtube apps does not appear to be new. From the left Menu, select Customization Basic info. This will block these and all their subdomains inc www. YouTube.com est la ressource d'hébergement vidéo la plus populaire et le troisième site web le plus populaire dans le monde. s.ytimg.com has no submissions at all, so it would inherit the categorization of it's parent domain ytimg.com, which currently is nothing. But well, OpenDNS is not a service to block apps, but to block access to domains only, because OpenDNS is not an app service, but a DNS service, as its name clearly says. How is your message related to the topic of this thread "YouTube app blocking"? Dans le menu de gauche, sélectionnez Personnalisation Informations générales. You could either look through your logs to see what domains you are looking up, or you could search those threads and see what they have to say. That’s it, as simple as that! I originally started with the router, blocking using terms 'youtube', etc which worked for HTTP only and not for HTTPS. Opendns please resolve by blocking these additional youtube domains when video sharing is selected! It runs under Windows 7 but will probably run under 8 and 10 also. Logging into my account, I created a schedule and ticked the items I wanted blocked during that time. Si vous souhaitez partager une vidéo avec une personne de votre entourage, il vous faut copier le lien pour pouvoir l'envoyer à une personne. Being DNS based, OpenDNS knows nothing about websites, pages, URL's, content, apps, or anything else. Steps to Download Any Video from Any Site Using URL Now I will show you how to download any video online from URL with iTube HD Video Downloader, and then convert to the format you want. Now youtube is blocked completed 24x7 and if I want to let my kids view I use the NetGenie app on my phone and change the filtering level from 'Default level on the router' (ie. Those are all protocols and DNS does not know about protocols, let alone care about them. Nicole est également titulaire d'un master en écriture créative de l'université d'État de Portland, et enseigne la composition, l'écriture de fiction et la réalisation de zines dans diverses institutions. youtube.com, hulu.com, etc. What have you done to discover the domains that the app you are concerned about is using? For domain tagging click on the Community link at the very top of the page. -11. We're not able to remove the attachment without removing the entire comment so it will remain at this time. play.l.google.com. I added the entire list of domains above to OpenDNS's Account Settings->Blacklist/Whitelist, made sure they are all marked as Always Blocked, and then loaded youtube in another tab. At NO point have I used any other method to connect, create, or manage the account. Open SaveFrom.net Youtube video download website and enter the video’s URL to the corresponding field, at the top of the page. I have now put youtube.com, l.google.com & googlevideo as blocked domains in netgear opendns under account settings and this is now blocking everything. Sometimes they even seem to use different domains for different versions of the app. Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. @nabeelrajby Are you using a Netgear router with LPC (Live Parental Controls)? In Apps Script's runtime environment, the first time a user runs a script, Apps Script will prompt the user for permission to access the services called by the script. Étape 2 Copiez l'URL de la vidéo/audio. It's the red icon with a white "play" button inside. In the box, you'll see your custom URL. what open dns is configured for) to one of the preset levels - low, moderate, high, etc. Le succès de ce projet tient à son côté pratique mais il est limité lorsque l'on essaye de télécharger une vidéo de YouTube gratuitement. I logged in via Netgear. Trying to visit the domain directly as a wait only result in page not found so I'm not certain what it's correct categorization should be. 1. This isn't a "normal" OpenDNS account. my friends who have Youtube also really enjoy it. You search for the related threads here and proceed as instructed there, what else? Abonneer je op de kanalen die jij leuk vindt, deel ze met vrienden en bekijk ze op elk apparaat. We've opened this one and can confirm it's logic just switches DNS at this time. It has a frontend youtube interface. Use the command "netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces" to list your networks. "the entire point of both the Netgear solution and the OpenDNS solution". And expect a lot from such an app. Was wanting to block youtube, on a schedule, as my son would watch videos and use a lot of data. I am a longtime OpenDNS user and have been able to block youtube on my child's ipad by blocking the youtube.com, s.ytimg.com, ytimg.com, and googlevideo.com under the "Manage Individual Domains" section of OpenDNS. But even though my prices go thorugh the roof i still love this app very much and i think so will you but if you don't. How To Get a YouTube Video Link on Android Launch the YouTube app and open the video of your choice. Very Very Very much. googlevideo.com is currently categorized as a Content Delivery Network, but going to the domain as a webpage gives a Google Video search page, so it would appear to be miscategorized. Am using the official youtube & youtube kids apps. You cannot use both, but either the one or the other, although both are OpenDNS solutions. How do I block the app as well? If you don't use OpenDNS, then you can enter into the dashboard whatever you want - it won't have any effect, of course! Be aware; however, that there are more elegant alternative software programs such as http://changedns.how/ and http://www.sordum.org/7952/dns-jumper-v2-0/ which accomplish the same task and give you some more options. Someone has to identify the domain, submit it so that others can vote upon it, and once enough votes are received that categorization will be approved or denied. The first problem I see is that you always enters www subdomains. Like Greg, I found too that if I put domains into my R7000, only http:www.youtube.com was blocked but this could be overcome by using https://www.youtube.com. Although Apple mentions YouTube URL Scheme in the docs, in the context of implementing custom URL schemes only the part before :// can be specified.. Update 2 The best thing about the App is you can run it without any Google API or the irritating Google Play Services. So, delete these www subdomains from your list and enter the main domains, e.g. This however was a massive fault. Enjoy YouTube on a bigger screen with better sound using Xbox One. Nicole Levine est rédactrice et réviseuse spécialisée en technologie chez wikiHow. Il est facile de convertir URL ou vidéo YouTube en MP3 avec ces convertisseurs URL en ligne gratuits. When you are downloading a video, you will be required to select the resolution for …

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