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Der erste reguläre Parteitag fand erst vier Jahre nach der Gründung statt. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first general election soon afterwards in March 1994. Forza Italia (deutsch Vorwärts Italien, ursprünglich ein Schlachtruf im Sport) war eine politische Partei in Italien, die 1994 gegründet wurde und am 29. Forza Italia (FI; translated to "Forward Italy" or "Let's Go Italy",) was a centre-right political party in Italy with liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic, liberal, social-democratic and populist tendencies. Januar 1994, zwei Monate vor der einschneidenden Parlamentswahl im März. [36] Several other authors have adopted this comparison,[76][77][78][79] and have labeled Berlusconi as a "political entrepreneur". Within the party there was a long debate over organisation. ROMA - Forza nuova si scioglie e confluisce insieme ai gilet arancioni e i no mask dentro un altro contenitore dell'estrema destra che si chiamerà Italia Libera. [50][third-party source needed] The party was a member of the European People's Party (EPP) and presented itself as the party of renewal and modernization. Milan opened the scoring in the first half through Ante Rebic putting the Rossoneri ahead before the half hour. [60][third-party source needed]. Also some former Liberals, due to their role of unifiers of Italy in the 19th century, were more centralist. Sie wurde während ihrer ganzen Existenz von Silvio Berlusconi geführt und war stark auf dessen Person ausgerichtet. Dopo lo scioglimento del PdL nel 2013 aderisce a Forza Italia. Commissario Regionale Lombardia MASSIMILIANO SALINI. In national office, the government's popularity kept declining steadily year after year. However, Berlusconi was highly popular among his party fellows, and it was unlikely he could have been overthrown if such an election had occurred. [4] Chiara Moroni, who explains Forza Italia's ideology as a mixture of liberal, Christian-democratic and social-democratic values (united in the concept of "popular liberalism" in party documents), wrote that "Berlusconi offered to voters liberal values through a populist style" and that "Forza Italia has made the liberal political ideal popular" among voters, so that "it was spread and shared by broad and heterogenous sectors of the Italian population". It was founded by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello.The party is a member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom and was a part of the Social Alternative from 2003 to 2006. Die fünf Parteien (Pentapartito), die das politische System seit dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs, die sogenannte Erste Republik, trugen und die meiste Zeit (im Falle der Democrazia Cristiana sogar ununterbrochen) an der Regierung beteiligt waren, stürzten bei dieser Wahl ab. La nomina, accolta "con enorme piacere", è arrivata a Castadini dal coordinatore regionale Enrico Aimi "dopo una consultazione con il … 4848 persone ne parlano. November 2015. Bologna - Italy The party used TV advertising extensively, although this was slightly restricted following 2000 by a law passed by the centre-left majority of the time. On 18 November, after Forza Italia claimed to have collected the signatures of more than 7 million Italians (including Umberto Bossi) against Romano Prodi's second government to ask the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to call a fresh election,[43] Berlusconi announced that Forza Italia would have soon merged or transformed into The People of Freedom (PdL) party.[44]. This led to the disappearance of the five parties which governed Italy from 1947: DC, PSI, PSDI, PLI and PRI (they formed a successful five-party coalition called Pentapartito from 1983 to 1991, and then governed without PRI from 1991 to 1994) and to the end of the so-called First Republic. The party regained power in the general election of 2001, gaining 29.4% of the votes with Giorgio La Malfa's tiny Italian Republican Party, in a new coalition called House of Freedoms (CdL) and composed mainly of the National Alliance, Lega Nord, Christian Democratic Centre and United Christian Democrats (the last two parties merged in 2002 to form the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, UDC). 8. November 2008 beschloss der Parteivorstand von Forza Italia die Auflösung der Partei und ihr Aufgehen im Popolo della Libertà. [31] Only slowly it transformed into a mass-membership organisation. Er gab dem amtierenden Ministerpräsident Silvio Berlusconi dabei freie Hand für den Vollzug des Übergangs. Regarding the latter issue, generally speaking, northern party members were staunch proposers of political and fiscal federalism, and autonomy for the Regions (in some parts of Veneto and Lombardy, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish a member of FI from a leghista), while those coming from the South were more cold on the issue. As the main ideologic themes of Berlusconism, Orsina identified the myth of the "good" civil society (as opposed to the state apparatus), a "friendly, minimal state" (providing services to citizens rather than regulating their lives), "hypopolitics" (i.e., Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Archivlinks 2018-04, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Mi batto per un’Italia più Libera, Giusta e Moderna. On 31 July 2007 Berlusconi's protegee and possible successor Michela Vittoria Brambilla registered the name and the logo of the "Freedom Party" (Partito della Libertà) apparently with Berlusconi's backing. [58][59], Forza Italia thus presented itself as a bridge between Catholics and non-Catholics, who have been previously divided in the political system of the First Republic, and "the union of three political-cultural areas: that of liberal and popular Catholicism, that of secular, liberal and republican humanism and that of liberal socialism". Second, I had a place to live. Popolo della Libertà ist damit als Nachfolgebewegung des bisherigen Wahlbündnisses Casa delle Libertà zu verstehen. [62], We want a social market economy. Written by: Forza Italian Football Staff League leaders AC Milan look to bounce back from consecutive defeats in all competitions when they visit Bologna in Serie A on Saturday. [32], FI's political programme was strongly influenced by the manifesto "In Search of Good Government" (Alla ricerca del buongoverno) authored in late 1993 by Giuliano Urbani who was then a political science professor at Milan's private Bocconi University and an occasional collaborator of Fininvest. The name is not usually translated into English: Combined result of Forza Italia (17.8%) and, traditional social teaching of the Church, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of Forza Italia leading members by political origin, ""Forza Italia ha raggiunto quota 400mila iscritti"", "Forza Italia si scioglie, ora è Pdl Berlusconi: "Dal '94 nulla è cambiato, "Oggi nasce il partito del popolo italiano", "Via l'Ici e stretta sulle intercettazioni", "Svolta di Berlusconi, arriva il Pdl: "Forza Italia-An sotto stesso simbolo, "Berlusconi: Forza Italia back and I will be driving it, "Silvio Berlusconi Relaunches Forza Italia on Senate Ousting Vote", "Berlusconi breaks away from Italian government after party splits", "Berlusconi, via alle tre riforme "Facciamo una politica di sinistra, "Fecondazione, divisi i vertici di Forza Italia", "Berlusconi: la Margherita venga con noi moderati", "Pera e la difesa dell' astensione, scontro tra i poli", "Fecondazione, Ruini chiama all' astensione", "The business firm model of party organisation: Cases from Spain and Italy", Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity, Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity, Early 20th-century Italian political parties,, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2014, Articles needing additional references from November 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. Before being merged into the PdL, Forza Italia had a president (currently Silvio Berlusconi), two vice-presidents (Giulio Tremonti and Roberto Formigoni), a presidential committee (presided by Claudio Scajola) and a national nouncil (presided by Alfredo Biondi). 01/02/2019 redazione Forza Italia Bologna, Lega, lega bologna, liceo copernico, Matteo Salvini, scuola L’annuncio dei 63 docenti del liceo scientifico di Bologna di voler dedicare alcune ore di lezione su quello che sta succedendo in Italia sull’accoglienza dei… Forza Italia (deutsch Vorwärts Italien, ursprünglich ein Schlachtruf im Sport) ist eine politische Partei in Italien, die am 16. Group of the European People's Party. During his five years in office, Berlusconi government passed a series of reforms: a pension system reform, a labour market reform, a judiciary reform and a constitutional reform – the latter rejected by a referendum in June 2006. With our book on welfare we tackle the needs of the weakest families. [3] Erst nach und nach baute sich die Partei eine wirkliche Mitgliedschaft auf. Members of Forza Italia were divided in factions, which were sometimes mutable and formed over the most important political issues, despite previous party allegiances. They grabbed their second goal … Quinto FerrariLa mia Bologna℗ Vedette RecordsReleased on: 1976-11-29Auto-generated by YouTube. Questa pagina è dedicata ai tifosi del grande Bologna "che tremare il mondo fa" Neue Parteien legten dagegen stark zu, Forza Italia wurde auf Anhieb stärkste Kraft. Foreign Minister, Cesare Previti Defence Minister, Alfredo Biondi Justice Minister and Giulio Tremonti (at the time an independent member of Parliament) Finance Minister. Laureata con lode in giurisprudenza presso l’Università degli Studi di Bologna nel 1991, ... Presidente del Gruppo Parlamentare di Forza Italia – Berlusconi Presidente del Senato della Repubblica, incarico che tutt’ora ricopro. However, the party obtained substantial successes in the 1995 Italian regional elections, both in the North (winning in Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto) and the South (Campania, Apulia and Calabria). In December 1999, Forza Italia gained full membership in the European People's Party,[42] of which Antonio Tajani, the party leader of Forza Italia in the European Parliament, became a Vice President. STATUS I ROM: LÆS MIN PERSONLIGE REJSEDAGBOG FRA ROM I AUGUST 2020 30. januar – kun 5 italienske regioner i rød zone fra på mandag Smittetallene falder i støvlelandet. Bologna, 29 agosto 2019 - «Torno a casa». We believe that the State should be the servant of the citizen and not the citizen the servant of the State. März 2009 in der neuen Partei Popolo della Libertà (PdL) aufging. Bologna live scores, lineups, push notifications, video highlights and player profiles. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'forza' in LEOs Italienisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. [5][6] Andere Autoren bezeichneten Forza Italia aus diesem Grund als „Instantpartei“, „Partei aus Plastik“,[7][6] „Firmen-“,[8][9] „Phantom-“ oder „virtuelle Partei“.[10][11]. Anna Maria Bernini (Bologna, 17 agosto 1965) è una politica, avvocato e accademica italiana, dal 27 marzo 2018 capogruppo di Forza Italia al Senato della Repubblica. Allerdings sprachen sich zunächst alle drei großen Bündnispartner (Alleanza Nazionale, Lega Nord und UDC) gegen eine Auflösung in die von Berlusconi neu gegründete Partei aus. The president was the party's leader, but a national coordinator was in charge of internal organisation and day-to-day political activity, similarly to the secretary-general in many European parties. Several members were former Socialists (PSI), as Giulio Tremonti (vice-president of the party and former Minister of Economy), Franco Frattini (Vice President of the European Commission), Fabrizio Cicchitto (national deputy-coordinator of the party), Renato Brunetta, Francesco Musotto, Amalia Sartori, Paolo Guzzanti and Margherita Boniver. Galeazzo Bignami, deputato, lascia Forza Italia e ufficializza il suo passaggio a Fratelli d’Italia. The party's anthem was sung in karaoke fashion at American-style conventions. Ha già imbarcato alcuni consiglieri comunali lungo la via Emilia a ovest di Bologna e da l'altro giorno conta anche su Galeazzo Bignami, già recordman di preferenze azzurro in Regione e oggi deputato. [45] Finally, on 8 February, Berlusconi and Fini agreed to form a joint list under the banner of "The People of Freedom", allied with Lega Nord. However Claudio Scajola and most former Christian Democrats supported a more capillary-based organisation, to make participate as much people as possible, and a more collegial, participative and democratic decision-making process. According to Orsina, Berlusconism sanctified "the people" that embodied all virtues while being "betrayed" by the (old) elites, a typical element of populist ideologies. However, Berlusconi viewed "the people" as a pluralistic and diverse collection of individuals, not an ethnically, historically and culturally homogeneous unit.[69][70]. AC Milan ran out 2-0 winners away to mid-table Bologna on Saturday afternoon at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara. [1] Dreimal führte sie die Regierung jeweils in Mitte-rechts-Koalitionen: von 1994 bis 1996, von 2001 bis 2006 und ab 2008. 1 talking about this. Tutte le Informazioni su Movimento Politico Forza Italia a Bologna (40125) - Partiti politici, sede di partito - Indirizzo, Numero di Telefono, CAP, Mappa e Altre Info Utili su MisterImprese! Sandro Bondi, a leading member of the party, wrote: Forza Italia considers liberal classics as Croce, Sturzo, Hayek and Einaudi as reference authors. [30] To extend its representation in different regions, FI often recruited established politicians of the "old" parties, mainly DC and PSI, who defected to the new party, bringing their local clientele with them. In the election for the Chamber of Deputies, FI scored 23.7% and 137 seats, in those for the Senate 24.0%, without counting Trentino-Alto Adige, whose seats were contested on first-past-the-post basis and which is a left-wing stronghold, due to its alliance with the autonomist South Tyrolean People's Party). The incumbent Berlusconi-led government narrowly lost to The Union coalition, which returned Romano Prodi as Prime Minister, relegating Forza Italia and its House of Freedoms allies to opposition. The party included also non-Catholic members, but they were a minority, and it was less secular in its policies than Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Sito ufficiale del Gruppo di Forza Italia - Berlusconi Presidente presso il Senato della Repubblica Italiana, con news e informazioni legali del Gruppo. Many were former Liberals (PLI), Republicans (PRI) and Social Democrats (PSDI): Alfredo Biondi (president of Forza Italia's national council) and Raffaele Costa, both former PLI leaders, and former PSDI leader Carlo Vizzini were later MPs for Forza Italia. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In June 2001, after the huge success in May elections, Silvio Berlusconi was returned head of the Italian government, the longest-serving cabinet in the history of the Italian republic. Nach dem Fall der Regierung Prodi, Ende Januar 2008, legte Berlusconi das Projekt Popolo della Libertà zunächst bis auf weiteres auf Eis. The Giallorossi raced into a three-goal lead inside 15 … Forza Italia has imparted a deep cultural innovation, combining the language of the Church tradition with the liberal and reformist thought.[4]. In der speziellen Ausprägung, die maßgeblich durch die Interessen ihres Gründers und Parteivorsitzenden Silvio Berlusconi geprägt war bzw. On 21 November 2008 the national council of the party, presided over by Alfredo Biondi and attended by Berlusconi himself, officially decided the dissolution of Forza Italia into The People of Freedom (PdL), whose official foundation took place on 27 March 2009. [2] Die Politikwissenschaftlerin Emanuela Poli beschrieb die Partei als „eine bloße Diversifikation von Fininvest auf dem politischen Markt“. In 1996 the Pole for Freedoms coalition led by Forza Italia lost that year's general election and began what Berlusconi called "the crossing of the desert", something that could have proved fatal for such a young and unstructured party. Juventus followed up their midweek Supercoppa Italiana triumph with a straightforward 2-0 win over Bologna in Serie A on Sunday afternoon. CENTERGROSS Bologna, Argelato. [50], The "Secular Creed", that was also the preamble to the party's constitution, described the party in this way: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, Forza Italia is a liberal party although not an elitist one, indeed a popular liberal-democratic party; it is a Catholic party although not a confessional one; it is a secular party, although not an intolerant and secularist one; it is a national party, although not a centralist one. E una pagina politica di forza Italia This government which centrist, liberal, with Catholics and reformists, intends to advance with policies that the left-wing promises by word of mouth.[63]. È stata infatti nominata commissaria cittadina di Bologna. The "Secular Creed" of the party explains that FI was a party that primarily underlined freedom and the centrality of the individual, which are basic principles of both liberalism[61] and the Catholic social teaching, often connected in party official documents: We believe in freedom, in all its several and vital forms: in the freedom of thought, in the freedom of expression, in religious freedom, of every religion, in the freedom of association. Marcus Waldmann: Das Parteiensystem Italiens, Uni-Edition, 2004. [41] In 1995, Forza Europa merged with the European Democratic Alliance to form the Union for Europe group alongside the Rally for the Republic of France and Fianna Fáil of Ireland. It denounced corruption, dominance of political parties and remnants of communism as Italy's ills, while advocating market economy, the assertion of civil society and more efficient politics as the solutions. This additionally included the widespread distribution of Berlusconi‘s biography, which was titled "An Italian Story" (Una storia italiana). A scheme of the internal factions within Forza Italia could be this: Christian democrats and liberal-centrists were undoubtedly the strongest factions within the party, but all four were mainstream for a special issue: for example liberals and liberal-centrists were highly influential over economic policy, Christian democrats led the party over ethical issues (although there was a substantial minority promoting a more progressive outlook), while social democrats had their say in defining the party's policy over labour market reform and, moreover, it is thanks to this group (and to those around Tremonti, he himself a former Socialist) that constitutional reform was at the top of Forza Italia's political agenda. In foreign policy he shifted the country's position to more closeness to the United States, while in economic policy he was not able to deliver the tax cuts he had openly promised throughout all 2001 electoral campaign. Februar 2008 gaben Berlusconi und Fini jedoch bekannt, dass Forza Italia und Alleanza Nazionale an den am 13. und 14. We believe in the values of our Christian tradition, in the life values which cannot be renounced, in common good, in freedom of education and learning, in peace, in solidarity, in justice, in tolerance [...]. Again all key ministerial posts were given to Forza Italia members: Interior (Claudio Scajola 2001–2002, Giuseppe Pisanu 2002–2006), Defence (Antonio Martino 2001–2006), Finance (Giulio Tremonti, 2001–2004 and 2005–2006), Industry (Antonio Marzano 2001–2005, Claudio Scajola 2005–2006) and Foreign Affairs (Franco Frattini, 2002–2004). The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first general election soon afterwards in March 1994. Forza Italia (FI) è stato un partito politico italiano di centro-destra, attivo dal 18 gennaio 1994 al 27 marzo 2009 e poi rifondato in un omonimo partito il 16 novembre 2013.Presidente e leader del partito è stato, sin dalla sua fondazione, Silvio Berlusconi. Oktober 2013 erklärte Berlusconi als Präsident des Popolo della Libertà, dass seine Partei nunmehr wieder Forza Italia heißen solle. It was the main member of the Pole of Freedoms/Pole of Good Government, Pole for Freedoms and House of Freedoms coalitions. [27] The party's organisation and ideology depended heavily on its leader. Berlusconis Ziel war, die an der Mitte-rechts-Koalition Casa delle Libertà beteiligten Parteien zu einer Sammelpartei zu verschmelzen und so einen Gegenpol zur wenige Wochen zuvor gegründeten Mitte-links-Sammelpartei Partito Democratico aufzubauen. Formal lediglich eine Umbenennung, war die PdL nach mehreren Abspaltungen de facto auseinandergebrochen. Die Wahl fand in der Zeit der Mani-pulite-Prozesse statt, in der massive Korruption, Amtsmissbrauch und illegale Parteifinanzierung aufgedeckt wurden (Tangentopoli). It has been claimed that Forza Italia had no internal democracy because there was no way of changing the leader of the party from below (although the party's constitution makes it possible). The ideology of the party ranged from libertarianism to social democracy (often referred to as "liberal socialism" in Italy), including elements of the Catholic social teaching and the social market economy. [31] The new party's campaigning was strongly dependent on Fininvest's TV stations and PR resources. E' morto all'età di 63 anni, dopo una breva malattia, a Firenze, Paolo Bartolozzi, ex consigliere ed ex eurodeputato di Forza Italia. New Force (Italian: Forza Nuova, FN) is an Italian far-right political party. The political scientist Giovanni Orsina has defined Berlusconism, as he terms the ideology of Forza Italia and its leader, as an "emulsion of populism and liberalism", more specifically right-liberalism. Also Antonio Martino and Giancarlo Galan were formers Liberals, Jas Gawronski was a leading Republican, while Marcello Pera has a Socialist and Radical background. Live data provided by ScoreAxis.Com Movimento Politico Forza Italia. Gefällt 17.169 Mal. Großer Verlierer der Wahlen in Italien sind die Sozialdemokraten von Matteo Renzi. the containment of political conflicts, after the hyper-politisation of Italian society during the "First Republic") and the identification of a "new virtuous elite".

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