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That type of soldier doesn't deserve to live. [40] Lucci's violent and cruel nature is also shown when he goes into full-beast mode during battle, in order to attack Luffy more violently. Epithet: one piece THE NAKED ~ 2017 ONE PIECE BODY CALENDAR ~ vol.1 Rob Lucci normal color separately Banpresto One Piece Sir Crocodile Scultures BIG 2 Vol. – Banpresto. Nero promised Lucci he would kill Franky, but Lucci reminded him that Franky was supposed to be captured alive. Sep 2, 2018 - Explore Vivi's board "Lucci", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. Lucci is ruthless, and he doesn't show mercy to his opponents. Early concept designs of Lucci and other Galley-La Company employees. Why Hattori is with Lucci is unknown considering the man's reputation as a heartless mass-murderer, though Lucci has had him since he was a child. ¡One Piece Rob Lucci Auchan! Rob Lucci attacked the captain while the other CP9 members struck out at his crew. Rob Lucci[1] [101] While Rob Lucci was hit by Luffy's Gear Second Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol, he prepared to use the most powerful technique known to those who have absolute mastery over Rokushiki, using Soru and coming to a halt in front of Luffy. Lucci caught Luffy's foot, and Luffy tried attacking with rapid punches, but Lucci shielded himself with Tekkai. Despite all this apparent lack of morality, he has displayed some, if very little, sympathy for those he dubs innocent. In One Piece Film: Gold, he wears a little medal on the chest, during the Levely Arc, he wears a purple flower instead. The agents then prepared to escort Franky to Enies Lobby, and Lucci had Blueno call Spandam so he could talk to Franky like he requested. [77], Lucci and the CP9 agents then boarded the Sea Train to Enies Lobby with Franky, Usopp, and Robin in tow, throwing the latter two in a storage room as the train prepared to depart. Hattori always rides on Lucci's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, at which point he will fly overhead until the battle is over. Paulie shouted that he thought they were friends, but Lucci replied that only he thought that as he prepared to attack. After Luffy defeated Blueno and shouted for Robin, Lucci joined the remaining CP9 agents on the balcony and commented on how he was surprised how a pirate actually defeated Blueno. Rob Lucci attempted to use Tekkai to deflect the blows, but unfortunately for him, the enormous attack struck Lucci so hard and fast that it appeared he was being hit with dozens of fists at the same time. Rob Lucci then attempted to finish Luffy off with another Rankyaku "Gaicho". Iceburg was the holder of the plans to Pluton for four years after Tom's death. Vol. Cette figurine Rob Lucci est fabriquée en PVC et elle mesure 17 cm de hauteur. [3] While Lucci is loyal to the World Government, he cares nothing about their goals, ideals, or desires for his only interest is his license to kill which satiates his bloodlust. Age: The agent later reported that Mad Treasure had failed to acquire the Pure Gold and it was lost in the ocean. Rob Lucci était un membre du CP9, antagoniste principal de l'Arc Water Seven. He was later present with Paulie and Iceburg as Kaku reported that the Straw Hats' ship Going Merry was irreparably damaged. Hattor… Spandam was annoyed, telling Lucci he should decide those things on his own. [34] Strength-wise, he could send Franky, a powerful cyborg, flying with a kick. Death Note Vol.1-12 complete Set Comics Manga. The fact that he survived these shots was the first indication to the World Government of how strong Rob Lucci would turn out to be. Also, Lucci's view of justice explained in the anime is also mentioned by Oda in an SBS, who says he cut it out of the manga in order for the story to move along faster. One Piece étant un manga d'une richesse certaine, quoi de plus logique que de voir arriver ce One Piece Red Grand Characters sur le marché. Use the devastating power of his Zoan Devil Fruit to take down the fiercest enemies. However, the citizens became horrified when Lucci took the attack too far and began to show "excessive justice" against their captain by stepping on the pirate's skull.[43]. Ajoute 15% des HP du personnage en HP pour les … One Piece is a phenomenally written story that has it all, from incredible world-building to flashy fights. Furthermore, he barely used the more offensive techniques like Shigan and Rankyakyu, until Luffy started using his Gears. 36,00 € Figuarts Zero Quantité. )[5] [108], When he was discharged from the hospital, Lucci was seen expressing gratitude for the first time in his known life when he shook his doctor's hand. After the timeskip, Hattori wears a white coat and hat resembling those worn by Lucci, though with the addition of a white necktie. He is the main antagonist of the Water 7 Arc and one of the two main antagonists of the Enies Lobby Arc, along with Spandam. He, along with Kaku, was able to recognize that the Pluton blueprints Franky revealed on Enies Lobby were indeed real.[25]. Rob Lucci et la Justice des Ténèbres! Lucci later woke up, much to the joy of his comrades. [9], His durability is significant. [15], He was noted to be good looking by some women from Water 7 and Gatherine.[16][17]. Strongest member of CP9 in history so far. [14], When invading Iceburg's mansion he was wearing a bull mask and a light pink robe with thick sleeves and a yellow "tie" above. Character Profile Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. He seems to have a strained relationship with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, as seen when the two quarrel over CP-0 request for the Navy to support Gild Tesoro. [68] Lucci stated that they would be sure to execute their mission quickly and told Iceburg not to resist, revealing to him the true capabilities of the secret CP9 agency. [46] However, he does appear to harbor some disdain for Spandam, as seen when he deliberately neglects to stop Chimney from following them to the Gates of Justice because he received no order to do so (and presumably because of his own desire for a battle) and when he flippantly refers to Spandam as "a certain idiot" and wishes he could witness Luffy's excellent initiative as a leader. One Shot, One Piece 12 - Lucci x Robin; 1 39.9 K 2 K. One Shot, One Piece par GalateeSakura. Easily caught both of Luffy's arm at the same time. Claims that a Rokushiki master like him has the power of 100 men. Rob Lucci and the others then left to go to their rooms. As he had Kaku ensure check Iceburg's pulse, Lucci then theorized who held the real Pluton blueprints: Iceburg's fellow disciple from Tom's Workers Cutty Flam, now known as Franky. Set in Water 7, before the events of CP9 and the World Government and all that. He and the other CP9 agents that infiltrated Water 7 deceived every single inhabitant, a clear sign of their manipulative skills. Lucci told Spandam to take Robin and continue on. Capable d'utiliser l'art ultime du "Rokushiki", il a une confiance inébranlable en lui et en la force qu'il tire des pouvoirs d'un fruit de type Zoan au point de déclarer : "Les fruits de type Zoan sont sans égal pour les combats au corps à corps !!". Although not seen by the other combatants, he took part in the final battle against Douglas Bullet, adding a Rankyaku to the onslaught of attacks used to break through Bullet's defenses. [104], Blueno used an Air Door at Enies Lobby while carrying an unconscious Lucci. Luffy and Nami then screamed as they realized that all their money was stolen, and Lucci tried to quiet them down. Lastly he expresses gratitude to the doctor who saved his life after his clash with Luffy on Enies Lobby. on his shirt, which possibly suggests that the branch Lucci is holding is an olive branch in tribute to the type of branch held by white doves (in this case Hattori) as a sign of peace. After the timeskip, he wears a blue-white suit with a white coat draped over his shoulders. One of Lucci's agents reported that they had lost Olga to Mad Treasure, and Lucci threatened consequences should he fail further. They were confronted by Usopp, but Lucci managed to easily intimidate him. Ce contenu nécessite un jeu (vendu séparément). You are a CP9 member who's posing as the housewife of Lucci. The anime follows the same trend for Lucci's back story, but with several differences and elaborations. The fleet attacked Gran Tesoro, intending to destroy it despite the call for help from the World Nobles on board as well as the innocent people. See more ideas about lucci, one piece, one piece anime. Lucci was shocked to see Franky burn the blueprints of Pluton, resulting in his five year mission ending in failure. Défense : 50 000. As such, he was forever pestered by officials who came to try and convince him to hand over the plans. When he fought Luffy, he was still a part of CP-9. Lucci then told Spandam that he was not in the mood for a toast and had no interest in status or authority. They were criminals, so I killed them in name of justice... As soldiers, weakness is a sin. One Piece – Figurine Rob Lucci – Scultures. Univers Parallèle / Romance / Humour 12 Lucci x Robin Catégorie: G , 5453 mots 0 commentaire(s) 50 Télécharger en PDF Télécharger en ZIP × Signaler un chapitre. [90] Franky revealed he had the blueprints and then burned them, shocking CP9. Franky attacked Lucci, but Lucci dodged before knocking him out with a massive uppercut. He could block Sanji's kick with his forearm without using Tekkai. He told Rob Lucci to come with him to take Robin, since he needed to be protected. Accueil. Rob Lucci then used another Rokuogan on Luffy to greatly damage him again, having him face down in a pool of his own blood. At this point, Lucci flooded the tunnels with water by using Rankyaku to break the wall to stop Luffy's crew from escaping and taunted Luffy,[98] asking him whether he would continue to fight or rescue his friends and promptly escaped to higher ground. During the time he was in Water 7 as a carpenter, Rob Lucci never spoke, preferring to instead talk through his pet pigeon, Hattori, using ventriloquism. Luffy pursued him, claiming that if he could not defeat Lucci, he could not protect any of his friends. Lucci along with the whole of CP9 is a major enemy of Nico Robin. Sabo retreated, and the Marine fleet waited for Gran Tesoro to blow up like they had heard. [12], Five years before the current storyline, CP9 agents Lucci, Kaku, Blueno, and Kalifa took guises in the city of Water 7. The massively powerful technique is so strong that it causes severe internal injury to Luffy's body, who described its effect as an Impact Dial with greatly amplified power, which is no small feat considering that he is made of rubber. Rob Lucci was originally been the strongest member of the CP9 unit operating undercover to obtain the Pluton blueprints from Iceburg. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Statistics Personally, he believes anyone who shows weakness is no better than a criminal. Luffy managed to keep Lucci at bay and allowed Franky to leave the room to chase after Spandam and Robin. After the call, the agents tied up Franky and prepared to take him out. ),[39] his motto being "Necessary Evil" (必要悪, Hitsuyō Aku?).[5]. 50 shares; Facebook; Twitter; 50 shares, 70 points. Later, CP9 is brainwashed by the Blackbeard Alliance and fights the Coalition at Rainbase. See System Requirements. $73.81. However, the first and third game follow his canon appearance in One Piece's … [35] Despite Lucci's reputation as a cold-blooded assassin, the rest of CP9 (excluding Spandam) seem to genuinely care for Lucci's well-being, evidenced in their efforts to raise money to help pay for an operation that Lucci needed to save his life and their celebration when he was discharged from the hospital. Tomokazu Seki One Piece Wiki : Rob Lucci. Because of this rivalry, the two often fought;[23] however, the matches generally ended before there was a victor. Type: [26] He is likewise shown smirking when telling an official that taking Nico Robin back will never happen,[27] when convincing Kaku and Kalifa to eat Devil Fruits,[28] as well as when he and Spandam realize Luffy was following them (probably because of his lust for battle. Lucci's leopard form in Water Battle 2019. Fought Luffy on even ground, and even fought him while he's in his Gear Second form. Hattori always rides on Lucci's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, at which point he will fly overhead until the battle is over. [38], Lucci bases his outlook on justice on his personal philosophy that any person or thing that goes against the World Government's interests should be destroyed, but is also evil for being that way. Spandam. [92] In the undersea passage, Spandam told Lucci that he heard a noise, wondering if it was his imagination. Vous débloquerez le karma de ce personnage après avoir terminé le Chapitre 11 : Libération de One Piece … Blueno got into a scuffle with Franky, but Lucci kicked Franky out of Blueno's grasp when he saw that Blueno was attempting to kill the cyborg. Lucci and Hattori wearing their coats (as colored in the manga). Lucci stepped into the pirates' ship and claimed to serve justice against them, and they laughed and mocked him. One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Met His Match (But Won Anyways) ... 9 Rob Lucci. [113] With that, CP9 left Guanhao and set sail into the distance.[114]. However, it appears that in spite of his emotionless disposition, Lucci does not like being insulted. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lucci stated that they had mastered an array of superhuman abilities known as Rokushiki, and as he was about to kill Paulie, Luffy suddenly kicked him. Luffy, in Gear Second, tried to get out of its range and claimed that he would not get hit by the same attack again, but Lucci used his tail to prevent him from escaping the technique. Luffy claimed that his left arm turned into the hand of a giant. He infiltrated the prisoners' holding ground and killed all five hundred hostages in the room, thus neutralizing the possibility of a trade and eliminating the soldiers that Lucci believed to be weak. Both Lucci and Jabra appeared to show rivalry between them while both Kaku and Kumadori told them to calm down and show affection towards their long seen friends. On y trouve une première partie sur l'équipage du Chapeau de Paille et une seconde sur tous les autres personnages rencontrés. However, Sabo suddenly appeared in order to prevent Lucci from threatening his brother Luffy. Free shipping. Gundam 00 1/144 HG #61 OO Gundam Seven Sword/G GN-OOOOGNHW/7SG Model Kit Bandai. [1], After his defeat by Monkey D. Luffy in Enies Lobby, Lucci was dismissed from CP9 by Spandam, who declared him and the other assassins responsible for the Straw Hats' havoc on Enies Lobby. With the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi which turned his body into rubber, Luffy has encountered and gotten the better of most of the enemies standing in his way. He then used Kamisori to get to where Luffy was and thrashed him again. Toutes les meilleures offres, réductions, codes promos et bons plans. 212 cm (6'11½")[5] He already donned his signature suit and was currently fixing his tie. His beard has also grown longer and has a small ball on the end. Moves across a room to the door in an instant, stopping Luffy's movement. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He even decided to kill him after his defeat by Franky. Megahouse ONE PIECE - P.O.P NEO Rob Lucci 1/8 Scale PVC Statue: Jeux et Jouets Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. As this was done in secret, the government still believed that Iceburg was in possession of the plans. Kalifa. Robu Rutchi Affiliations: However, Lucci went on to say that he did not necessarily have to support Spandam's ideals. He then blocked a sword strike from Zoro before throwing him out as well, and the CP9 agents tied Iceburg and Paulie up before going outside, where they watched the Headquarters burn. Cipher Pol Agent;[4] Shipwright[2][1] (undercover)[4] Franky's move was unsuccessful and Lucci struck Franky. One Piece: Lucci x Reader: Aristocat. He has a tattoo of a crossed-out square on each upper arm,[2] as well as five cannonball scars on his back in the shape of the World Government symbol. Deployed by Spandman to City of water 7, he and the ot… The fight continued with Lucci easily countering every one of Luffy's attacks and thrashed him around so much he could barely stand anymore. Three more masked people entered the room and revealed themselves to be not only CP9, but also people that Iceburg trusted: Lucci, Kalifa, Kaku, and bartender Blueno. Blueno asked if he should check on Robin, but Lucci said they should focus on apprehending Franky, as he confidently asserted that they would never get Robin back. Kalifa stated that their mission was almost completed, but Lucci chided her to withhold that talk until they arrived. Japanese VA: He apparently is not afraid of Lucci and is very loyal to him, as he stays close to his master even in dangerous situations like the Buster Call. Lucci said that their brand of justice existed for the World Government and that the government recognized Spandam as the leader of CP9 and it was their duty to complete their missions perfectly. He also displays some morals such as when he shows disgust towards Spandam for assaulting Robin when she was unable to fight back, despite claiming to hunt her to the ends of the world. by admin. [86], When Spandam gave Kaku and Kalifa Devil Fruits, Lucci encouraged them to eat the fruits. [88] Lucci and the rest of CP9 members witnessed the Straw Hats' arrival on the rooftop[89] and their challenge to CP9 and the World Government, much to his amusement. He then continued by saying that even if the island lost its shape, he would pursue Nico Robin to the ends of the earth and obliterate her or anyone who got in the way of the World Government, all in the name of "Dark Justice", while attacking Luffy with many Rankyaku shock waves. He turned to you with a face of nonchalant confusion. However, Donquixote Mjosgard intervened before Lucci could take any action. However, only the Kami-e Form, which makes his man-beast form smaller and thinner, more like an average man-size, has been seen. Bandai & Banpresto propose aux fans de One Piece cette collection de figurines Ichibansho baptisée Great Banquet.. Ces figurines sont issues de la loterie Ichiban Kuji One Piece Great Banquet.. Vous retrouvez ici le Rob Lucci !. [61] The team prepared to fight as Luffy and Franky confronted them, and as the fight progressed, Lucci attacked Luffy with several punches. Ace One Piece. Rob Lucci is one of the most popular antagonists in the world of One Piece, and he stood in the way of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates during the Water Seven Saga. Rob Lucci is an agility hero from One Piece universe. Because of his reputation, he is a very valuable asset to the World Government, almost to the point of legend; the Vice Admirals even believe that he can survive a Buster Call attack. Ajoute 6% des HP du personnage en HP pour les personnages soutenus. Luffy vs. Lucci: Peak of the Decisive Battle" is the 302nd episode of the One Piece anime. Jabura. Rob Lucci turned around after performing his ultimate attack on Luffy but was surprised to sense that Luffy was still standing upright behind him. Sometime during the timeskip, Lucci was reinstated as a member of Cipher Pol. Lucci, Kaku, Paulie, Lulu, and Tilestone then went to Dock 1, where they interrupted Luffy and Franky's battle. [81], Later, CP9 watched as Sanji and Franky blew the defeated Wanze and Nero into their car before confronting them, and Lucci wondered who Nero was. The attack smashed Lucci against and through a brick wall, leaving him unconscious and defeated. Téléchargement direct. Il transmet à l'homme-girafe le message que Pauly lui avait laissé. In an attempt to rescue his brother, Luffy broke into the greatest known prison in the world of One Piece, Impel Down.… [107] He was carried by Kumadori while the rest were walking along the Sea Train tracks and was in serious need of medical attention. Lucci was willing to do whatever it takes for their sake and he followed the doctrine of Absolute Justice; he believed that the 500 soldiers who surrendered to pirates were no different than criminals who deserved death, and the Government apparently did not argue with his unauthorized killing of them. Sep 2, 2018 - Explore Vivi's board "Lucci", followed by 133 people on Pinterest. Lucci is also a skilled ventriloquist, meaning he's capable of making his voice sound like it's coming from somewhere else. Lucci and Hattori wearing their coats (as colored in the anime). Spandam, Lucci, and Robin walked down a spiral staircase, as Spandam kept mocking Robin. [24] Other than this, however, Lucci appears to be very distant from everyone else, including the other foremen and Iceburg. Il réduira de 99% la partie des dégâts infligés par l'équipe qui excède 5 000 pendant 4 tours. [24] Other than this, however, Lucci appeared to be very distant from everyone else. [79] Corgi told CP9 that each of the other cars would be guarded by powerful government officials. Lucci stood firm against Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol with his Tekkai but the momentum was simply too high to block. Paulie attacked Lucci with Rope Action and slammed him into the ground, but Lucci broke his fall with one arm. Rob Lucci. As they continued walking, they all heard Luffy calling out to Robin. Mastered all arts of Rokushiki and even gained the ultimate technique, Rokougan. They went to the treasure room where Paulie was sent, and ordered him to give them the item that Iceburg had sent him to retrieve. Spandam was astounded, saying that the door was solid steel, and that there was no way they could have found the door to begin with. Occupations: Lucci demanded they repeat what they were saying about Franky, and threatened to kill them should they not comply. Rob Lucci – One Piece The Naked Body Calendar Vol.1 – Special Color ver. Rob Lucci is a member of CP-0. He turned around to see Luffy unleashing a brutal Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. He told them that regardless of the type of power, how they use it was what matters, adding that there was a very low chance the fruits would weaken them, and that being a "hammer" is not much of an inconvenience. [120], An early design of Lucci had him without his goatee and distinctive lips.[121]. Is one of the strongest members of CP9 in history so far, as his Doriki is at 4000. [47] Spandam also believes in Lucci's strength and he always refers to him as the strongest member of the organization. During the time he was in Water 7 as a carpenter, Rob Lucci never spoke, preferring to instead talk through his pet pigeon, Hattori, using ventriloquism. This left the king to wonder what the Government was thinking, sending a young boy to such a dangerous assignment. Devil Fruit ATK : 9 051 points de dégâts tous les tours. [41] He has a habit of demoralizing and taunting his opponents, which is seen when taunting Luffy about the possibility of him killing Nico Robin. However, within the next two years, he managed to be reinstated into Cipher Pol as part of CP-0.[3]. [44] They departed with the Candy Pirates' ship and eventually settled on their homeland, Guanhao. [1] As an assassin, he wore a two-piece black suit with the sleeves normally rolled up, complete with black leather shoes and a white tie and handkerchief in the breast pocket. See more ideas about lucci, one piece, one piece anime. Lucci told him that he remembered a small girl and her pet following them earlier, so she probably told them. Though the two portrayals of Lucci are meant to be him, they have different styles to them, mostly because Oda's version was drawn after the anime had already depicted him and not just because they show him at two different ages. Carnivorous Zoan, Rob Lucci[1][11] is a current member of CP-0.

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