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La distribuzione su cinque anni del programma di fisica è una delle principali novità introdotte dalla riforma. Reigned for: 35 years He was freed by Heracles. The female characters dress up as men to elope with their lovers (Jessica) and to attend the trial (Portia and Nerissa), and the least monetary valuable casket turns out to contain the greatest prize. // key words linked to Lord Randal’s testament: The three most important characters of the novel are Walton, Dr Frankenstein and the monster. Match the words from the text with their Italian translation. He feels remorse, because he is genuinely emotionally distressed, he is afraid to think of what he has done. There were footlights, a drop curtain and painted The most important influence The Romanised Celts were left alone to fight against the Saxon invaders from the North Sea Region of Europe. the setting. What method of description did Chaucer adopt? had been heavily influenced by the ideas of the When Keats died, he was hardly known outside his own literary circle, and even there it was taken for granted that his work was doomed to total neglect and obscurity. Sinister loud music, the soft sounds of birds and of the sea waves. Although Wordsworth praises the majesty of the scene, he sees no people and makes the point that the city is ‘smokeless’, ‘silent’ and ‘asleep’. Did he let the young man live according to his people’s traditions and customs? Performer Heritage 2 Soluzioni.pdf - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Who was the first Lancastrian King of England? became stronger. In what sense is The Tempest characterised by ‘serenity’? 1628 The Petition of Right 1727 Death of George I, and George II’s accession to Write down the senses through which the speaker perceives the scene. His love for his daughter Ophelia. It is a long narrative poem written in rhyming couplets made up of iambic pentameters. Who does Friday represent? Peaceful but also threatening and sinister, James II married the Catholic Mary of Modena and in 1688 he became the father of a Catholic son who took precedence over Mary (James’s Protestant daughter) as James’s successor. In Manfred Byron explores the theme of the overreacher. This was known The new republic of the United States of America adopted a federal constitution in 1787 and George Washington became the first President in 1789. List the reasons why Shylock hates Antonio. Unlike the lyrics of Shelley and Byron, Keats’s lyrical poems are not fragments of a continual spiritual autobiography. Coleridge used the shapes and colours of nature to represent and symbolise emotional and mental states. 1295 Edward I summoned the Model Parliament, a council made up of barons, clergy, knights and representatives of the towns question-answer format. He met the representatives of the bishops and couplet) In what sense can The Canterbury Tales be regarded as a portrait of English medieval society? 3rd section (lines 51-62): Prospero’s power on Caliban. Napoleon, weakened by his disastrous invasion of Russia, surrendered in 1814. 5th section: Concessions indicative of a new political awareness were made towards the end of the 1820s. Boulogne, St James of Compostella, Cologne He introduced: a distinctive flag (the Union Donne’s separation from his wife at this time probably provided him with the occasion for writing the poem A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning 16, He took holy orders in the Anglican Church 16, He died and was buried in St Paul’s Cathedral. the character’s actions; Robinson is sitting on a tree branch and does not move. What difference did the printed word make? The American Declaration of Independence stated that governments can only claim the right to rule if they have the approval of those they govern. She managed to create a popular and majestic image of the sovereign who appeared as the defender of a nation and the preserver of peace. Christian characters regard human relationships as more valuable than business ones, whereas Shylock is only interested in money. She is shown in front of a window, in full light. What principles did he state in the ‘Preface’ to Lyrical Ballads? shake the medieval code?Juliet’s reflection Students’ activity. used for devilish apparitions and disappearances, He had a great sensibility to nature and beauty, but had grown bored with the excesses and excitements of the world. It claimed that all men had a natural right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. In this way knights could Who kills him in the third act? money to pay his army to fight a rebellion in property on the way people treat each other, themes: marriage and the complications of love The Conquest annihilated the English ruling class because many Anglo-Saxon noblemen died in battle, were exiled or dispossessed of their lands. What was the feudal system introduced by William I like? The old man does not convince her to accept the help of Spain. Metrical romances were tales in verse about chivalry. Economic change and technological innovation: Clothing marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution because mass consumption of machine-made goods started. Who witnesses this funeral scene? Even the Thames, which is an important route of transportation during the day, flows peacefully and naturally at this time of the day. He can divide, flame and burn in many places (lines 11-12). Inns, pubs and theatres were closed down. English unlimited upper intermediate b2 teacher s book Romeo and Juliet is characterised by elements both of comedy and tragedy. It describes Manfred’s past. Romeo is tender, romantic, artful, passionate. The novel can be divided into four parts. He was a master of traditional verse forms, such as the couplet, blank verse and Dante’s terza rima; he moved from the political ballad to the classical elegy, but he is best remembered for his short lyric poetry. The character speaks about his thoughts. Why? Lilac words: words appealing to touch and to Death: In 1820 the symptoms of tuberculosis became evident in Keats. Monastic chapels became parish churches and the land of the monasteries was sold, so the new merchant class had access to a landed status that had previously been a privilege of the nobility. He wants to exalt the middle-class man. The narrator is a woman; Cruso (notice the different spelling) is not hard working but lazy, he does not keep a journal, he has not saved any tools from the ship, he is a boring man rather than an adventurous hero; he does not want to leave the island. the Luddites; Named after their leader Ned Ludd, the rioters smashed the new machines which they believed had taken their work away. he is going to leave his mother his cows, his Seyton, the audience or himself? Henry asked the pope to declare his first marriage invalid, but the pope refused. Internet Lab propone itinerari guidati in Internet. In 1162 Henry appointed one of his favourites, In the front of the stage there was a trap door It catches the character in a moment of crisis. curtain. Define the tone of these lines referring to the Prioress. He described the marvellous and abnormal in nature. Highlighted in green: Hamlet’s responses to the ghost’s words are a blend of imperatives, future simple and exclamations. A group of 24 knights, the same number the legendary Arthur had chosen, with high ideals of honour and service. There is no sense of mystery or Wordsworth’s pantheistic conviction. who has to deal with tyrannical masters and Red dots: lines linked to the courtly love No, they do not. What effect does spring have on people? Is Philautia a selfish form of love? Write down which themes of the novel can be found in this short text. navy against the Spanish Armada. Who were the Danes and why did they attack Britain? (red cape to bull). The awareness of the character’s desperate situation. What is the tone of the poem? 2nd section (lines 14-28): Description of the ghost’s punishment in the other world. The Her skin has become brown; she behaves like a savage when she eats and she keeps on watching the horizon for someone to rescue her. Read lines 1-57 and put these facts into the order in which they appear in the text. Subordination and unity. The queen assumes a new and stronger authority. How would you define the tone of the poem? All the senses are involved in this process. barons, knights, clergy and townspeople organised He visits the land of Lilliput, the land of Brobdingnag, the island of Laputa and the land inhabited by the Houyhnhnms. Civility and moderation, that is, the ‘art of pleasing’, became the 18th-century ideal. ‘apron stage’, projected into the yard, so that when This hero is not of any interest for the writer. F He made ironic, bitter proposals in his work A Modest Proposal. Is there any correspondence between the landscape and the knight? Who was Richard III? Main ideas: Gulliver is a typical European. had to walk barefoot to Canterbury and was She is connoted as a precious person, while Shylock is corrupt (the black colour of jet) and ordinary (red wine) Highlighted in light blue: words referred by Shylock to Antonio. rebels and listen to their demands, but the Mayor An almost divine faculty, imagination allowed the poet to re-create and modify the external world of experience. What kind of state does the poet describe? to the passage of human life. His first concerns are to see if any of his companions are still alive, then to bury those who have died - a typical Christian concern -, and finally to worry about his own survival. the setting; It was given great attention as regarded references to time and place. of the Church of England’, and it became treason The lack of a coherent plot is due to the fact that Defoe neither planned his works nor revised them; his main aim as a writer was to produce a large and effective output not intended for a critical audience. of each section of the sonnet (quatrains and focuses upon the Merchant’s profession. half of the 3rd line of stanzas 1-6 sister silver and gold as a dowry for her future Robinson’s real name was Robinson Kreutznaer and he was born in York in 1632. over England and Europe visited his shrine in What was his cell like? A new Parliament was How did the men try to help Jonathan? Match the victims with who or what exploits them. what forms of individualism the Romantics exalted; They exalted the figures of the rebel, the outcast, the atypical. Yes, it can. It is called Zephyrus. They all live in highly organised societies and are governed by institutions. Avendo presenti le difficoltà che i ragazzi incontrano nell’apprendimento della fisica, i “punti critici” non sono mai stati sottovalutati o aggirati ma affrontati con gli strumenti adatti per superarli. France. A population who began to burn and cut down the forests, to grow cereals and to breed cattle, pigs and sheep. How is the story told? The low-angle shot of the burning fire makes the subject look bigger and more powerful. He can shape his destiny through action. wimple, a large hat, a flowing mantle, spurs. Nature mirrors the knight’s sorrowful mood. Style: Use of standard phrases and periphrases for everyday objects, apostrophe, inversion and personification as well as Latinised words and constructions. He was admitted to the Inns of Court, in London, to study law. Why does the creature not have a name of its own? C It explains events which have taken place offstage. Henry married Elizabeth of York, Edward IV’s daughter, thus uniting the two roses, and became king as Henry VII. Excited laughter; characters more likely to be types than individuals; the ‘fop’ and the ‘gallant’, or ‘fortunate lover’; wit and satire; prose dialogue; realistic picture of life; the theme of marriage linked to the pursuit of sex and money, The growing importance of the middle classes; the belief in the power of reason; the individual’s trust in his own abilities, Puritan morality still played F There was no scenery and the stage relied on conventions using a limited number of props. Why? What is a major question in the play? Highlighted in yellow: stage directions The Royal Society recommended the use of English to describe scientific experiments. Who is the poet, according to him? What strikes about these requests is that they are all impossible or absurd. treasure. His father made him wings to escape from Crete, but he flew too near the Sun; the wax holding the wings melted and he fell into the Aegean Sea. It is away from national claims and from any kind of civilisation. He named him Friday, which was the day he saved his life. The scene takes place on a beach at sunset. 1 Da questa pagina è possibile sia ascoltare e scaricare le singole tracce in formato .mp3, sia scaricare il relativo file .zip. She climbs the stairs and stops to listen to a middle-aged couple speaking inside. The constant opposition between rationality and animality. Byron firmly believed in individual liberty and hated any sort of constraint. He has already visited Mr Bingley. Where do they meet and where are they going? During their reign acts were passed which set the course of parliamentary rule in Britain and paved the way to constitutional monarchy. Latin remained the main language in legal, administrative, ecclesiastical and intellectual contexts, and English survived in everyday speech. What is the theme developed in the poem? pope. Thus the whole novel has Walton’s sister as the receiver, but presents three different points of view. Swift stresses the absurdities of the projects. In all creation man seems the only creature that is capable of feeling not at home, of wandering ‘lonely as a cloud’. Fear leads him to the determination to follow the woman and find out who she was. It introduces a biographical perspective. What were the consequences? 6th paragraph: The project of shortening discourse is introduced. Say what themes are introduced in the text. Write down what penalty Shylock establishes. He is middle-aged, well-educated and sensible; he is a careful observer, he takes care of his family and runs his business prudently. The problem of poetic diction was a central issue in Romantic aesthetics. Lust is a temporary passionate sexual desire involving the increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and oestrogen, whereas in true love the brain can release a whole set of chemicals: pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. Canterbury Cathedral by four knights claiming The different element is the narrator’s anger in reaction to the emotion of fear aroused by the mysterious woman. Because life must be lived in the real world, without the aid of magic. Irony and satire. E, Forgive me, Madam but you are only a woman. What is the narrative technique employed? He looked (up) at the sky and thanked God for saving him. The new factor in The Canterbury Tales is individualisation: the character exists because he/she has reactions and is in movement. What did they do to stop him? The high-angle shot of the burial ship makes the moment more dramatic and the figure of Beowulf more vulnerable and powerless. Sir Walter Scott. He became a literary critic. Prospero. Night does not convey the idea of peace and rest but, on the contrary, is connected with lack of sleep and madness. Society: Rejection of strict morality; a more rational interest in the real, present world, rather than a concentration on the life of the soul. He fights and wins many battles including his last. she loves him. William the Conqueror claimed to be the lord of the land and his central authority became stronger. process of law, imposed arbitrary taxes and tragedies; Seneca (division of the play into five Look at picture 1 on page 82. what power it gave the Romantic poet; It enabled him to see beyond surface reality and discover a truth beyond the powers of reason; it allowed him to re-create and modify the external world of experience. rebellion in Scotland. Highlighted in yellow: the addressee, the Lamb, Highlighted in green: the speaker, the poet, Pink words: the question the poet asks the Lamb, Highlighted in grey: description of the Lamb, connotation of joy, tenderness, mildness, Highlighted in light blue: attributes of ‘He’, that is, God, the Creator, Blue words: answer to the poet’s question. Because it was suitable for wide circulation in cheap magazines and providing ideal entertainment for the reader. As a rule, in a Shakespearean play a scene is over when all the characters have left the stage. is influenced by Juliet’s words and he is ready to What qualities is the poet given? He recognises the king as his lord and promises to give him his services in return for land. Highlighted in orange: metaphor for Romeo; ‘Secondary imagination’ is an echo of primary imagination; it can only be experienced by the poet, who consciously dissolves, dissipates the images linked to past experiences in order to re-create. The novel is full of religious references to God, sin, Providence and salvation. 'Myth': a traditional story, especially one that explains the early history of a group of people or social phenomena. 3rd section (lines 29-32): The climax of the story: the knight and the lady kiss each other. as the hero. The following features are typical of the ‘tragic hero’ in Shakespearean tragedies. ‘save that light’ that shines bright in her eyes. This allows him to write poetry. The king appears twice he is shown watching the Mayor of London kill Wat Tyler and, on the right, he is addressing the mob. The ceremony in which a feudal tenant or vassal pledged reverence and submission to his feudal lord. He is both a prophet and a titan challenging the cosmos. The audience sat in the dark in galleries, and The House of Lords was abolished and censorship was introduced. Her treatment of love and sexual attraction is in line with her general view that strong impulses and intensely emotional states should be regulated, controlled and brought to order by private reflection. Who disguises herself as a lawyer? Peasants’ Revolt: In 1381, during the first years Unlike Wordsworth, Coleridge did not view nature as a moral guide or a source of consolation and happiness. There was no general stage His stay on the island is seen as a chance to exploit and dominate nature. James I: He ignored Parliament and based his Line 41: macrocosm, the ear is the symbol of Denmark. Sight, hearing and touch. He perceives its limbs move. of the monarch. 1st section (lines 1-20): The dialogue between mother and son. ‘As I took my first steps in that unknown land, a dread came over me, I began to realise in truth how terrible was my condition.’, ‘As I laid my poor companions to rest, I confess my thoughts were for my own soul.’, ‘I did not know in what land I had been cast.’. To be successful, it requires actively practising goodwill, commitment, compromise and understanding. He turns out to be a magic character since he hypnotises the Wedding Guest (lines 14-18, 38). With the Act of Supremacy (1534) Henry was declared ‘the Supreme Head of the Church of England’, and it became treason to deny it. They exalted the atypical, the outcast, the rebel. What was Byron’s view of nature? R, Saints do not move, though grant for prayers’ sake. Magna Carta: In order to get more money to wage Surrendered (line 17) ‘threw down their spears’, Were afraid (line 18) ‘water’d heaven with their tears’. that he was king by divine right. What different actions is he doing? What are the main characteristics of the witches? In what sense did he introduce a new concept of history? The remaining 121 was a little deaf. Focus on the natural elements the ship meets at the beginning of the voyage. The Celtic language remains in Welsh in Wales, and Gaelic in Scotland and Ireland. dramatic monologues Do we sympathise more with Macbeth than her? Look at the first picture on page 80. sea captains to explore new lands and look for There were an upper stage hidden by a Nel primo biennio si propone un’esposizione più essenziale, con riferimento costante alle situazioni reali che non sono meramente descrittive, ma servono a porre domande alle quali verrà data risposta nella trattazionepiù formalizzata del secondo biennio. For night scenes a simple candle or torch represented the night world. flaws are characterised as ‘demons’ from ‘night confrontation led to the Petition of Right of 1628, Man cannot make his own destiny, but it is his destiny that must find him. Robinson created a new identity for his servant, he was not interested in his real identity. Techniques used and their aim: Satire and mock-heroic verse were still the favourite techniques for criticism and moral concern. In January 1689 William and Mary became joint monarchs as William III and Mary II at the request of Parliament. Repetition and alliteration of harsh sounds. On the other hand, lowerclass people could not afford the expense of such a trip. His task is to help mankind to reach an ideal world where freedom, love and beauty replace tyranny.

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